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Sherni Movie Review: Best Bollywood Film Of 2021 So Far!

Sherni movie review
Image courtesy: IMDb
Image courtesy: IMDb

Disclaimer: In this Sherni movie review, I talked about the good and bad aspects of the film. There are no spoiler in here, so you can read this review carefree and please do share your opinions with us down below.

Sherni is 2021 Hindi language Amazon original movie which released on the streaming service today on June 18. It tells the story of DFO(Divisional Forest Officer) Vidya Vincent played by Vidya Balan, who is in the middle of a very chaotic situation and is struggling to find a solution to stop the rage of the villagers. Sherni is written and directed by Amit Masurkar, who earlier made films like Newton(2016) and Sulemani Keeda(2014).

This 2 hours 10 minutes long drama takes you to the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh, where you experience the game of hide and seek in its natural form. The film starts off on a high note and makes you invested in the storyline in its first 30 minutes. The tension rises between the characters after every passing day which eventually helps in bringing out their true nature to the surface.

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The pacing gets a bit slower in the middle which takes away the thrill for a while but as the next incident happens, we are back on track. However, the slow ride to the climax might be a little tiring for some viewers but if you put all your attention to it, you will surely be very engaged in the chase. For everyone’s information it’s not your regular crime drama, it is a Amit Masurkar special so you have to be patience in order to enjoy the whole package.

DOP Rakesh Haridas gives a documentary like feel to the film, which makes it look a lot more personal than fictional. The characters creation by the writers are very well done. They all seemed quite recognisable but at points their actions were surely exaggerated, which makes the scene overall unrelatable for me. The screenplay was neatly crafted by Aastha Tiku. The addition of politics and cultural practices in the ongoing case spices up the story a lot.

The grunting background score by Benedict Taylor and Naren Chandavarkar compliments the action sequences many times in the running period. And the use of natural ambience sound definitely enhanced the viewing experience for us. The casting team also needs to be appreciated for their applaudable work. In Sherni, we saw a bunch of talented actors as well as many believable extras who did commendable job with their parts.

Now talking about the performances, Vijay Raaz, Brijendra Kala and Sharat Saxena were handed the most valuable supporting roles in the film and I have to say, they totally delivered the best to the characters. Every other actor who got some lines or some scenes in the film did their parts with complete genuineness and brought a realism in the storytelling. Even the animals adds some kind of emotion with their presence.

Vidya Balan puts forth a phenomenal work with her role. She shows a range of emotions from being tired of her job to being motivated to do something good to being completely helpless in the most dire situation, she did it all in this film. After seeing some of her recent movies, fans were missing the Vidya from Kahani and The Dirty Picture. In Sherni, the lioness of Bollywood returns to show what she’s really capable of doing. This film is definitely one of the best female lead movies of recent times.

My overall experience watching Sherni was very good. After a long time, a well made film came out of Bollywood which represented the rural India with utmost responsibility and sincerity. The message which it intends to spread has not been discussed much in the commercial space, so it was really a refreshing thing to see. After an hour, I was very much emotionally invested in the storyline which helps me understand many hidden meanings behind the actions. Also, if you keep yourself updated with the news, you’ll find a lot of real life references in this film.




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