NewsNational#ShameSuratPolice trends on Twitter over an assault by a Policeman

#ShameSuratPolice trends on Twitter over an assault by a Policeman

#ShameSuratPolice trends on Twitter India
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When government, media, citizens of India have started calling the bankers, government staffs “Corona Warriors”, a video appeared in Twitter where a person can be seen assaulting a lady banker. People gone furious over the video and started trending the #ShameSuratPolice.

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Incident for which #ShameSuratPolice trends

A short video got uploaded by twitter handle of [email protected] where a person can be seen talking rudely to the male staff. And later on, goon attacked the lady who was capturing his misbehaviour in her phone.

Later on [email protected] uplaoded a 02:15 minutes video. In video, the person stood for a while and talked to the person available there. Suddenly, he turned furious and entered the cabin. Then he hit a lady with great force. Afterwards, a lady moved out of the cabin.

[email protected] claims the assaulted lady to be a Bank staff. And the person who assaulted lady banker is claimed to be Policeman of Surat. And the incident where misbehaviour took place is claimed to be a a branch of Canara Bank Surat.

It’s not good to abuse the complete community because of one’s deed. The harsh action must be taken against the culprit.

But condemning the complete Police force of Surat is not justified. Even they are doing their hard work in Corona situation and helping others.

System should definitely give the justice to lady banker who is being told to be a mother of 10 months old baby.

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