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SGN is the fastest growing YouTube channel right now

John Krasinski
Host John Krasinski on the SGN Show

Some Good News (SGN) is an YouTube channel opened by Hollywood Actor John Krasinski to provide people with good news from around the world. Currently the channel has over 1.95M subscribers.

John Krasinski
Host John Krasinski on the SGN Show

John Krasinski (40) is the actor who played the role of Jim Halpert on the NBC sitcom “The Office“. He was the co-writer and director of “A Quiet Place” in which he also played the lead role. On the digital platform, he is better known for his Amazon Original series “Jack Ryan” where he played the titular role.

Last month the actor opened an YouTube channel and named it, Some Good News in short SGN. According to John, he always wanted to see a news show where only good news were shared, but it never happened. So he decided why not make one by ourselves. SGN is a news show who’s purpose is to provide people with good news from all around the world during this global pandemic to create joy and happiness.

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On March 30, he uploaded the trailer for the channel where he said that, this news show will be entirely dedicated to good news only. Till date there are in total 8 videos and the recent video, which is the fourth episode of the show just released couple hours ago.

We don’t have the exact data but as per our research this channel is the fastest growing “new channel” on YouTube right now. On April 4, SGN crossed the 1M subscribers mark in just 11 days of it’s release. The first episode of this news show was uploaded on 30th March and it got a great response from the audience. Currently that episode is the most viewed video on the channel with over 16M views, 712K likes and 30K comments.

International Space Station
International Space Station (ISS) video mesage to the SGN

This show is not just like any other talk show on the internet. John host SGN and present the audience with some good happy videos from the social media. This week’s episode feature a weather report from Actor “Brad Pitt“, a special message from the International Space Station (ISS) astronauts and a home-prom party thrown by him with special guests the Jonas Brothers, Chance The Rapper, Rainn Wilson and Billie Eillish.

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In every episode there is a segment where he thank all the frontline workers in the world who are risking their lives for us. He put out photos and videos of them, showing how they are fighting this virus and also how they are staying happy in these tough times. He tries to make his audience feel good through his videos.

Currently the channel has over 37M views and is about to hit 2M subscribers mark in the next 24 hours according to our stats analysis. We consider this channel is the perfect escape plan for anyone who wants to distract themselves from the bad news coming out from the mainstream media channels nowadays. Do give it a watch.



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