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Sex Education Season 3 begins Production, cast members shared videos from the set

Sex Education Season 3

Netflix has just announced, that the production work of its hit drama series ‘Sex Education Season 3’ has begun. In a short video shared by Netflix Ireland/UK twitter account, you can see the actors taking us through their lives.

The production work of Season 3 was originally scheduled to begin from May, but the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in Whales forced the makers to delay it. Written and created by Laurie Nunn and directed by Ben Taylor, Alice Seabright and Sophie Goodhart, the story deals with the sexual misadventures of the youth in British High School.

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In the first season of the show, you have seen Otis (Asa Butterfield), son of a sex therapist Jean, and Maeve (Emma Mackey) team up to charge students for sexual advice. While in the second season the tables had turned, where Jean is pregnant and Otis was just about to reconnect with Maeve only to have his emotional confession deleted from voicemail by another guy vying for Maeve’s affections.

The video begins with Gillian Anderson tinkering with her thermostat and preping for ‘Sex Ed’, followed by Asa Butterfield, who seems confuse about which games to bring on the set and finally putting up a face mask and saying goodbye to his cats.

Next we can see, Chris Junks enjoying his jacuzzi bath, but suddenly an alarm goes on as he needs to hurry to the sets of ‘Sex Education Season 3’. While Connor Swindells is there for costume fitting and finally finds a hat which fits him perfectly.

The video proceeds and you can see Jojo Macari saying, he needs to go back to school , Chinenya Ezeudu posing with Season 3 script and Tanya Reynolds playing with the toy seahorse.

At the later part of the video we can see, Gillian sporting a pillow and saying, “That’s me pregnant, as Jean”. And the video ends with Alistair Petrie putting the Season 3 script and all the bar candies together in his bagpack.

Here’s the video:


No sooner did the news broke, than the fans started assuming what the makers are planning for season 3 ? Here are some tweets:


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