News Tipad, Renot Sold Via MyNotchPhone, MobileMall

[Scam Alert] Tipad, Renot Sold Via MyNotchPhone, MobileMall

Tipad Renot Scam sold via MyNotchPhone and MobileMall

After massive advertisement of Krypton, fake brands like Tipad and Renot are advertising on YouTube. The question must be raised upon Google Ads as they are the ones who approves the ads. And approval of fake brands like Tipad, Krypton, Renot is not justifiable. Common people gets trapped in the scam as they trust Google and thinks YouTube won’t show fake/scam advertisements.

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Tipad and Renot are Legit Smartphone Brands ?

Tipad and Renot Smartphones are listed on websites only, it is not available in the market. Tipad and Renot branded smartphones are sold on and respectively.

There are 5 sections in homepage of MyNotchPhone, “Deals of the Day”, “Best Seller”, “Special Offer”, “Discounted Products” and “Featured Products”. These sections are completely similar to the Krypton’s website Ezeephones. MyNotchPhone has Tipad branded smartphones. It has copied the model names of original and well-known smartphone companies. There is Tipad M30s in the website, sounds similar to Samsung Galaxy M30s. Even design of the Tipad mobile looks similar to the original smartphones of famous smartphone brands. It has Tipad Hot 9 for Infinix Hot 9, Tipad A50s for Samsung Galaxy A50s, Tipad Note 9 Pro for Redmi Note 9 Pro.

On MobileMall, smartphones doesn’t have similar name to the original ones, designs are also different. But there isn’t any new design, MobileMall has mixed up the front and back of different smartphones to make it look real. Some smartphones of Renot looks completely different because of improper photo editing.

Proofs that Confirm it a Scam Website

  • Favicon of MyNotchPhone and MobileMall are same. (Image on title bar of browser’s are known as favicon)
  • Domains of MyNotchPhone and MobileMall, i.e., and aren’t even 6 months old and contains 30+ smartphones.
  • Domains of MyNotchPhone and MobileMall are purchased on same day, i.e., 19th April 2020, from the same registrar, NameCheap.
  • When product page of MyNotchPhone is opened, Delivers to part accepts every pincode whether it exists in India or not. We entered 000000 (six times 0), 111111 (six times 1) and what appeared is “Service available to 000000” and “Service available to 111111”. Both the pincodes doesn’t exist in India. MobileMall was asking for the correct pincode when 000000 and 111111 was entered. But it managed to accept order with mobile number 0000000000 (10 times 0).
  • Every product on MyNotchPhone has 4.5+ rating with less than 10 reviews. Whereas products on MobileMall comes with the 5 star rating.
  • Price of products are too less when specifications are considered.
  • There are Wishlist option on menus of MyNotchPhone and MobileMall but no option to wishlist products.
  • Content of Carousel/Slider on MobileMall are not hyperlinked.
  • On footer of MobileMall, Sitemap (Under Company) is in simple text format and not hyperlinked. Under NEED HELP ?, options like Report Abuse and Customer Service are not hyperlinked. Under Buyer Central, options doesn’t have hyperlinks.
  • On footer of MyNotchPhone, Careers, Sitemap, FAQ, Report Abuse, Buyer Guides, Payment Options, Buyer Protection doesn’t redirect to any page as these texts are not hyperlinked. Whereas clicking on Blog, EMI Payment redirects to the top of opened page.
  • On product page of MyNotchPhone, there is a section of OFFER ENDS IN. Below “OFFER ENDS IN” text, there is a countdown which is increasing inspite of decreasing.

Earlier, INFOTONLINE has busted the scam of Krypton and mentioned the trap that was getting prepared by MyNotchPhone. And now, MyNotchPhone ads are being shown in large social media platforms. Due to the advertisements, people got trapped in this scam and ordered their products from MyNotchPhone and MobileMall. Unfortunately, customers won’t receive any kind of product from Tipad and Renot.

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  4. I am lost my amount Rs, 4300/- on mobile phone shopping. not received anything even after 10 day. No information .

  5. I am lost my amount Rs 4300/- on mobile phone shopping. not received anything even after 10 day. No information .

  6. I am also lost Rs.4300/- for the same phone book. Received one plastic toy phone. me to get the amount back.

    • Me too facing the same problem now i m asking for refunds they are trying to download a hacking app in my mobile phone by which they trying to hack my phone or my google pay account i called them many time they are not giving right answered ,address and email id


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