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[ Scam Alert ] Wizpad Tablet Sold Via BookMyTab

Wizpad Scam on BookMyTab
Advertisement of Wizpad Tablets on YouTube

YouTube and Google doesn’t seem to be serious about their users as they are continuously approving the advertisements of scam websites. Approving these scams has resulted into loss of users’s hard-earned money. These advertisements are not only shown on YouTube only but on other websites too (pushed by Google). Now, new advertisements are appearing on YouTube during festival sales. These advertisements are of Wizpad tablets, being sold on BookMytab.

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Is Wizpad a Legit Tablet Brand ?

Most of the brand that sells any physical product, remains available on local shops or any offline stores. If users try to find tablet with Wizpad branding, they won’t get it on offline stores. Wizpad branded tablets are sold online on If users try to find tablet with Wizpad branding, they won’t get it on offline stores.

When their website is opened, there will be 5 sections in the homepage, “Hot Selling Tablets”, “Most Loved Tablets”, “Trending Tablets”, “Discounted Products” and “Featured Products”. All these sections contain Wizpad branded tablets only. Some of the tablets have similar model name and specifications to the original tablet with original branding. One of them is Wizpad Pad T5 Tablet, it has similar name and specifications to HUAWEI MediaPad T5 Tablet.

Another thing, we found on this website is it’s connection with the Krypton’s website Krypton was also similar to this and had similar strategy as this tablet company has. But as of now, Krypton’s website is disabled.

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Proofs that Confirm BookMyTab a Scam Website

  • Domain of BookMyTab, i.e., is purchased on 11th June 2020 from NameCheap. Domain registrar NameCheap was popular for providing free domains and later on cheap domains. And at that period, is purchased.
  • If we consider the purchase date of domain, it is not even 5 months old and unknown brand like Wizpad (fake brand) comes and launch 27 products which gets sold only on BookMyTab.
  • Top of the homepage has SPECIAL OFFERS written on one of the image, placed in carousel is hyperlinked to This link doesn’t work as is disabled. Ezeephones was a scam website that used to scam people by baiting the people with Krypton smartphones at great price with great specifications.
  • All the web pages of BookMyTab has SUBSCRIBE button in footer which doesn’t function and placed just for showpiece.
  • Wizpad G21 Plus HD‘s product page has few sample pictures of the tablet (which is edited), labelled REAR CAMERA by giving the arrow direction to selfie camera and SELFIE CAMERA for rear camera.
  • Wizpad Pad T5 Tablet which has similar name to Huawei MediaPad T5 Tablet, has copied the specifications from Huawei MediaPad T5 Tablet in their product name (title). And due to this, they have left 5100 mAh battery on product name and 3100 mAh on product image and product SPECIFICATION section.
  • Every tablet on BookMyTab has 5 star rating which seems completely fake and feels to be assigned by the website manager itself.
  • In product page’s blank area of Delivers to accepts any pincode whether it’s one digit or any wrong pin code.
  • In footer, there is Sitemap under Company which when clicked, doesn’t show sitemap of the website.
  • Footer has Company, under which About Us is written. When About Us page is opened, it has “Bookmytab  is an online shopping destination to buy latest gadgets, electronic accessories, fashion accessories and other equipment” written in it’s first line. But BookMyTab doesn’t have any product other than Wizpad tablets.
  • Website of BookMyTab has search bar on top in PC mode. And besides the blank area of search bar, it has All Categories ▽ and when it’s clicked Tablet will appear below All Categories. It means All Categories and Tablet will show same products in this website. There is a probability that owner of website might have copied most of the stuffs from his/her old scam website and forgot to remove it from this website.

Till now, INFOTONLINE has busted scams of Kypton, Tipad, Renot, Mobiflee and now Wizpad. Common things between these scam websites are the use of Google Ads and online payment through PayU gateway. We want users to be away from these fake products and beware of the scam websites.

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