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[Scam Alert] Mobiflee Smartphone Scam on Phoneiva

Mobiflee Scam on Phoneiva
Mobiflee Advertisements on YouTube

YouTube has completely fallen down for the money. They are showing advertisements of various fake brands that are meant for the scam. From Krypton to Tipad&Renot, users have seen how their trust on large platforms like YouTube, Google Ads has wasted their money. After looking at the advertisement, users trusted them and placed their orders on different scam websites. In return, most of the users didn’t receive anything while some of them received some plastic toys. Now, advertisement of Mobiflee smartphones are running heavily on YouTube. Clicking on Mobiflee advertisements redirects to the website of Phoneiva.

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Mobiflee is a Legit Smartphone Brand ?

Smartphones and tablets with brand tag of Mobiflee is not available at Flipkart, Amazon, other E-commerce platforms or any offline store. Smartphones with Mobiflee brand is available on scam websites like

Phoneiva has total of 3 sections in it’s homepage, ” Deals of The Day”, “Best Seller” and “Discounted Products”. In 1-2 week, website of Phoneiva might get designed in the same style as of Krypton’s, Tipad&Renot’s and As of now, website doesn’t look like a complete one and it has Mobiflee branded smartphones only. Smartphones in this ( website have complete copied design of the original smartphones and tablets( of known brands). Phoneiva has Mobiflee X2 Pro for Realme X2 Pro’s replacement, Mobiflee Note 9 Pro for Redmi Note 9 Pro’s replacement, Mobiflee K5 as replacement of OPPO K3. While other smartphones have different namings but similar design to original and genuine smartphones.

Proofs that Confirm it a Scam Website

  • Domain of Phoneiva i.e., is only 1 month old and sells more than 30 smartphones and tablets (which never ever announced in any platform).
  • Domain of Phoneiva is purchased on 12th August, 2020 from NameCheap (earlier used to sell domains for free).
  • In homepage of Phoneiva (, all the three images which are placed right below Categories (Menu) have same hyperlinks and redirects to the same page.
  • Under Deals of The Day section in homepage, there are three images at the end. These three images has no link, and contains only # after and when these images will be clicked, it will redirect to the top of web-page.
  • In footer section, there is INFORMATION section. In that section, only About Us and Terms & Conditions has used PhoneIva (I in capital letter) whereas other pages have Phoneiva (I in small letter).
  • Returns and Exchanges & Refund Policy redirects to the same page even though both are different things.
  • When cursor is hovered (moved) over [email protected] in footer’s CONTACT US section, it will show up the link as instead of any mailto: email id. And clicking on [email protected] will take the users to the top of page.
  • When Tablet or DEALS OF THE DAY category gets opened and view is changed from Grid to List, pricing of products will change. If product has price of Rs 4,199 after 62% off on Rs 13,999 in Grid view, it will be priced Rs 13,999 after 62% off on Rs 4,199 in category page.
  • Outside of main product page, each product has 4 star rating. When product page of Mobiflee smartphones and tablets is opened, each product will be showing the 5 star rating.
  • In product page, all the smartphones and tablets have 3 star rating at bottom in Related Products section. These same devices have 4 star rating on categories page.
  • In product page, when any number is typed in Enter Pincode space and clicked on Check, it simply opens the same once again. And it doesn’t show whether delivery for any pincode is available or not.
  • After adding the products to cart, when users proceed for payment it opens a page where credentials are asked. In blank spaces, wrong mobile number, wrong address, wrong city, wrong pin code is accepted.

Before this, INFOTONLINE has already busted scams of Krypton, Tipad & Renot. Mobiflee’s website has payment gateway of PayU for the transaction. It’s the responsibility of PayU not to approve any scam websites. But PayU doesn’t care about these things and makes it easy for the scammers to receive payments.

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  1. Thanks a lot for saving my money,I have read all pages of the phoneiva but somewhere it looks like a fraud website ,then I look into and make sure about this.


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