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[Scam Alert] Krypton aka Ezeephones, A Fraud Company

Krypton aka Ezeephones is a Scam

Krypton mobiles are getting advertised rigorously in YouTube, Facebook, Google Search Engine, etc. And due to the advertising, in trusted websites, few people are considering it a legit website. Unfortunately, some people have already placed their order on Ezeephones website, where Krypton phones are being sold. Keep reading this post to know much more about this scam.

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Krypton is a legit smartphone brand ?

Phones with Krypton name and different models are being directly sold on ezeephones.com. You can checkout their website by opening ezeephones.com in any web browser.

When you’ll visit the website, 5 sections will appear in the homepage “Deals of The Day”, “Best Seller”, “Special Offer”, “Discounted Products” and “Featured Products”. Ezeephone has so many smartphones, tablets, electronic accessories in their website. They have renamed the actual name of original smartphones by putting up their name “Krypton”. Copy product of Samsung Galaxy M30s is named Krypton M30s, Realme XT is named Krypton X2, VIVO Y8 is named Krypton Y8, Redmi 20 is named Krypton K20. They have completely copied the name.

When product page of Krypton M30s is opened, Krypton Pro M30s 9610 CPU is being shown in the specifications. There is a OFFER ENDS IN part where timing will be shown but surprisingly offer never ends.

Proofs that Confirm it a Scam Website

  • Domain address is ezeephones.com whereas website name is ezeephone, without “s”.
  • When product page is opened, Delivers to part accepts every pincode whether it exists in India or not. We entered 000000 (six times 0), 111111 (six times 1) and what appeared is “Service available to 000000” and “Service available to 111111”. Both the pincodes doesn’t exist in India.
  • Each product has 5 star rating with less than 10 reviews.
  • No branding is there in smartphones, tablets, smart watches, TWS.
  • Wishlist button when clicked, doesn’t redirect anywhere and nor it shows any dialogue box, it goes grey in colour.
  • When About Us page is opened by clicking on About Us, placed above footer part, lots of mistakes are there. They have missed full stop, made mistake in spellings.
  • In NEED HELP ? part, which is is placed above the footer, has unfunctional options. FAQ, Report Abuse, Customer Service and Wishlist options are unfunctional.
  • In Company section, “Careers, Sitemap” is not functional. When Blog is clicked, takes us to the top part of web page.
  • In Buyer Central, “Buyer Protection, Payment Options, Buyer Guides” are not hyperlinked whereas “EMI Payment” takes us to the top, when clicked.
  • Images in carousel are not hyperlinked and doesn’t redirect to the product page.
  • Price of products are too less when specifications are considered.
  • Domain is purchased just two months back, on 5th April 2020. You can check the registration by entering ezeephones.com on who.is look up. Domain has been purchased on Namecheap Registrar.

Few people got trapped in this scam and now they have complaint in different platforms. We found two complains. You can click on platform 1 to view the complain of 1st person and platform 2 to view the complain of person 2.

Other than ezeephones.com, we found other websites that looks similar to it. Websites that look similar are eazyphones.com, mynotchphone.online, voguemart.in. As because these websites looks similar and some have same kind of fake products, there is a chance of linkage with each other. Mynotchphone has YouTube channel with two videos, url is https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCTnnb5TXGxoGxFG_s-FzbVg/videos.

These websites are not only selling Krypton phones but also selling Tipad, TechX, NotchX.

So beware of these websites and make others aware by sharing this post to let them know about the scam.


  1. can we take any action because if these sites are fraud then we have used our credit card details also on this site so that they can utilize this information. be secure
    if you have made transaction from credit or debit card then report in the bank to cancel this payment before settlement

  2. I had also booked 2 mobile today but unfortunately I knew ed about this fake site I was shocked and iam feeling guilty of mistake done by me…If any one get some information about this site plz Inform me plz rajesh Jodhpur 9252390726

  3. I also booked tablet @3999. Only order confirmation no. Received by message. But there after no communication…
    What to do next?
    CONFIRMED: Your Order has been successfully placed with order id 3749155926. Due to Covid 19 Pandemic there will be slight delay in dispatching orders. Thank you for shopping. Pls help any updates.

  4. I also ordered tipad x2 pro in website. Mynotchphone. Online.
    Once I placed my order I got message from this website:your order was confirmed but your shipping was slightly delay due to present situation. I also got a phone call from this website to confirmed my address. So please help Cancelled my order and bring back my money please…..????????????

  5. I also booked tablet @3999. Only order confirmation no. Received by message. But there after no communication…
    What to do next?

  6. Hey guys, what’s up!
    I was also write an article related to this topic.
    In current situation of lockdown, people are doing online marketing in huge amount. Looking at the condition there are some fake companies who are trying to cheat people by selling their fake brands at very low price. Eezyphones.com is also a fraud website where Krypton smartphones are being sold up. Krypton smartphone is not any kind of official company who make their own smartphones. They what simply do is that they add the name Krypton before the name of some well known smartphones. As an example, they added up Krypton before the name Samsung Galaxy A50 to make it Ktypton A50, Krypton M30 instead of Samsung Galaxy M30 ,etc. The price of these expensive smartphones has also been reduced to very less amount. The website eezyphones.com is advertising his site very much in Facebook pages and on many other social media.


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