DefenceSCALP EG cruise missile integrated with Indian Rafale, adding more teeth to...

SCALP EG cruise missile integrated with Indian Rafale, adding more teeth to IAF

IAF Rafale with SCALP EG
IAF Rafale with tail number BS004 seen carrying SCALP (Courtesy:- Twitter user @hukum2082)

In an recent image surfaced on internet, an Indian Rafale with tail number BS004 seen carrying SCALP EG subsonic air launched cruise missile also known as ‘Storm Shadow‘ in one of its hardpoint.

The image confirms that SCALP EG successfully integrated with Indian Rafales. Scalp missile integration with Rafale, making its an extremely deadly combination for enemy.

SCALP EG (Storm Shadow)

Storm shadow is a low observable air launch cruise missiles manufactured by am European Developer MBDA. It is the same company that manufacture Meteor, one of the best Air to Air Missile in the world.

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Things which makes SCALP EG, a deadly missile is its stealth characteristics and ability to neutralise ground target at the maximum range of 560 KM.

It is powered by Turbomeca Microturbo TRI 60-30 turbojet engine which is capable in producing 5.4 kN thrust. This Missile is can cruise at a maximum speed of 0.95 mach (1173 KM/hr) depending upon flight altitude.

SCALP EG weighs around 1,300 KG with 450 KG of BROACH warhead. A BROACH (Bomb Royal Ordnance Augmented Charge) warhead is placed in a Tandem configuration.

BROACH is a two stage warhead, made up from a small precursor charge, which cuts a passage through armour, concrete, earth, etc., allowing a main warhead to penetrate inside the target.

It is guided with a Inertial Navigation and terrain mapping and in its terminal phase the missile uses a IIR (Imaging Infrared) seeker and DSMAC system to intelligently identify the target.

As SCALP EG Integrated with Indian Rafales, during a hostile situation IAF can target deep inside Pakistani or Chinese territory even without crossing the border.

Air launched BrahMos Missile has its limited range of around 400 KM and due to its heavy weight, as of now only Sukhoi SU-30 MKI can carry BrahMos.

Meanwhile SCALP EG provide Indian Air Force an option to neutralise any ground target at the range of more than 400 KM, that too on low cost than BrahMos.

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