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Foldable or Rollable? Samsung is confused

Image courtesy: Lets Go Digital
Image courtesy: Lets Go Digital

The first ever folding phone was Royole FlexPai. It was the first commercially available foldable smartphone with a 7.8 inch display that folds outwards. It was announced at CES 2018 and started shipping in december of the same year. But back in 2019, Samsung amazed the world and introduced their first ever folding smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

This brought the South Korean company’s name onto the top again. After this, they launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 which is the 2nd generation of the original Galaxy Fold. Since then, OEMs has started pushing of their limits to make something as cool as a folding or a rollable smartphone just like Samsung. On December 20, Deirdre O’Donnell said

“There are some indications that certain OEMs might get to their first rollable phone release in 2021. However, according to a new leak, Samsung will not be one of them. Then again, the same new tip points to a “triple-folding” tablet from the OEM for next year, as well as its first transparent display phone.”

The LG’s Project B and Oppo X 2021 are in the race to be launched as one of its kind and the first ever rollable phones in the market. As of fresh leaks, the LG’s Project B with a side rolling display is being expected to launch next year.

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While Oppo already showed their Oppo X 2021 Rollable Concept Phone, but in a recent statement they said that it does not have any near future plans to launch the X 2021 commercially. But the question is “Where is Samsung?”.

In the race of launching these folding or rollable devices we should expect, something good coming from the South Korean company as they were the first people to make a flagship level folding device.

This tipster(@cozyplanes) on Twitter – claims that Samsung does indeed have a rolling phone in the works, but that it will not be available in the market until 2022. However, it will allegedly be joined in that year by the OEM’s first “scrollable” smartphone. As the name suggests, it consists of a cylinder from within which can pull the flexible display from around its internal tube.

We can say that Samsung is keeping a sharp eye at the market. With the likes of Oppo and LG’s rollables, we expect Samsung to be better than these competitors. As of now one thing is confirmed that we are going to see amazing phones in the upcoming future. Keep checking us for more updates.



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