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Bengaluru’s Sai Tejas wins the Living Rooms Got Talent show

The man with the balls, Sai Tejas from Bengaluru, India wins the Living Rooms Got Talent show created by Yes Theory.

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The Los Angeles based YouTube channel, Yes Theory opened a talent show on 22nd March. Their motive was to share their $70,000 prize money, which they won from Mr. Beast’s Hide and Seek challenge with any seven of their viewers who would make a video showcasing their unique talent from their living room.

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After weeks of reviewing and finalising, yesterday they uploaded a video where they announced the winners. In those 7 winners, one is India’s Sai Tejas who sent a video of him “spinning 8 footballs at a time”.

The prize money of $70,000 was distributed to every winner equally. That means, Sai got $10,000 on his side. But the Yes Theory team had decided to donate half of those $10k to the winner and give the other half to the winner’s nearby food bank so it can help the community to fight against the pandemic.

In Yes Theory’s latest video, Thomas and Ammar from the team called Sai to congratulate him and asked him on how will he use those money. Sai said “he wants to utilise that prize money on travelling through the country and inspire kids to take up sports or any other art form”. Sai is a freestyle artist and also a Limca World record holder.

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Here are the other 6 winners.
• Andri Ragettli
• Finli Draper
• Levi Stanford
• Lydia Taylor
• Senne Deman
• Tess Rembetsy-Brown

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Kumar Ujjal
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