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‘Sadak 2 trailer’ reaches 10M dislikes in 3 days, beats YouTube Rewind 2018 record

Sadak 2 TrailerOne more unwanted title registered with Sadak 2 trailer’s name. Just in, the trailer of the Mahesh Bhatt directorial Sadak 2 reached 10M dislikes on YouTube. It is now officially the fastest video in the Youtube history to reach this milestone. It broke the record of YouTube Rewind 2018.

The trailer of Sadak 2, which released on August 12 at 10AM got 1M dislikes in just 5 hours of release making it the fastest Indian video to reach that milestone. And on the same day, it surpassed the record of the most disliked Indian video (Lakdi Ki Kathi, a Hindi nursery rhymes) which had 3.7M dislikes.

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Today afternoon, it crossed the 10M dislikes mark on YouTube in just 3 days and 5 Hours of release. The previous record was held by YouTube Rewind 2018 which gained the same number of dislikes in 7 days. Not just this, Sadak 2 trailer is also now the 3rd most disliked video on YouTube.

In some days, it will surpass Justin Bieber’s Baby which has currently 11.54M dislikes. The speed with which the trailer is gaining dislikes, there’s a good possiblity of it becoming the most disliked video on YouTube in the coming weeks.

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