NewsRussia-China military alliance would affect traditional ties with India, says Russian Expert

Russia-China military alliance would affect traditional ties with India, says Russian Expert

Russia-China alliance would affect India

One of Russia top policy and strategic affairs expert, Carnegie Moscow Center director Dmitry Trenin said that any military alliance between Beijing and Moscow would hamper traditional partnership with India.

“Russia has no need to strike a formal military alliance with China against the United States now. Such union would tie hands of both parties, and would scare the neighbors, India in particular, who would be forced to abandon partnership with Russia and cooperate closer with the US,” Trenin pointed out, reported Russian official news agency Itar Tass.

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Actually on October 22,  Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a military alliance between Moscow and China is possible, although both sides “in general” have no need for it.

“It is possible to speculate that, in case of the US’s [military] aggression against Russia, China, while supporting Russia politically, would refrain from taking part in the war. In my opinion, this is exactly how [we] should react to a military clash between the US and China, which seems to become more and more probable,” the expert said.

Diplomatic relations between India and Russia deep rooted in history and began even before India achieved independence, on 13 April 1947.

A watershed moment in relations between India and the Soviet Union was the signing of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship in August 1971. The Treaty was the manifestation of shared goals of the two nations as well as a blueprint for the strengthening of regional and global peace and security.

Majority of the defence equipment in Indian Armed Forces is of Russian origin, despite being pressured from United States, India ordered 5 regiment of S400 Air Defence System from Moscow in October 2018.

New Delhi also in process to conclude the deal for additional, 21 MiG-29 UPG and 12 SU-30 MKI from Moscow.

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