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Return of Yellow Vest protest in France

Protest in Paris
Thousands of people are marching on the roads of Paris (source :-

On Saturday, a peaceful march for climate change in Paris has been halted. After a while some violent protesters infiltrated the peaceful march. These demonstrators set street barricade into fire and broke many windows.

French police fire tear gases and arrest over a hundred protester in Paris. The government deployed over 7,000 police men as it feared Yellow-Vest supporters may take advantage of this situation.

Actually, demonstrators aimed to revive the famous Yellow-vest protest in France. The Yellow-Vest (gilets jaunes) movement was sparked ten months ago, soon it evolved into an anti government protest that continued till springs.

Strangely, this time most of the protesters on Saturday did not wear the trademark fluorescent jackets, so they could avoid standing out.

What is Yellow-Vest (gilets jaunes) Movement ?

The yellow vest movement was began in France after an online petition posted in May had attracted nearly a million signatures, mass demonstrations began on 17 November. This movement ignited after an announcement made by government which include increase in green tax on fuel. Emmanuel Macron had taken this decision to encourage people to purchase electric vehicle which is good for our climate. But the effect of this decision was turned out to be different one, as people came out from home and started doing protest against Macron government.

Emmanuel Macron raised the tax on fuel at a time when the prices of crude oil already hiked up in the international market. This move set off nearly a month of protests around France.

This protest gets the name of yellow-vest because of the safety vests worn by protesters, known as gilets jaunes, the yellow vest. This movement has sparked a political crisis for the French government.


Yellow-Vest movement was first start from 17 November 2018, on this day the movement attracted more than 300,000 people across France with protesters constructing barricades and blocking roads, followed by another protest on 24 November  which attracted 106,000 people all across France.

A protest called “Act 3 – Macron Quits” was organised for 1 December. Now demonstration is started in Paris but this time the protest was turned out to be a violent one. More than 100 cars were burned in Paris during the protest on 1 December.

Slowly the protest continued till springs but now after 6 months, on September the protest again started in France.



Initially the protesters demands Macron government to repeat his decision on imposing green tax on fuel, which Macron government already fulfilled. On December 2018 Emmanuel Macron scraps green tax in fuel.

But Why The Protest Still Going On?

The protest is still going on because now the demand list of protesters increased. Now the demonstrators are demanding for –

  • Rise of the French minimum wage – The current minimum wage about $1,350 per month.
  • End to austerity measures.
  • Improved standard of living.
  • Government transparency and accountability.
  • Improved government services for rural areas.
  • Constitutional proposal for initiatives, including constitutive, abrogative, recall and legislative initiatives.
  • Resignation of French President Emmanuel Macron and his government.

    Unemployment rate in France
    Unemployment rate in France in June 2019

The people of France also demands to create more & more jobs opportunity in the nation. As the unemployment rate in France has continued to be same after the recession in 2008, whereas the other European country is performing far better than France after depression.

85 Percent of the total population in France are supporting this protest but yes most of them are against violent.

On Friday, President Macron said it was good that the people could express themselves but ask that the protest  must proceed in a “calm” manner.

As of now Macron not commented on Saturday protest. Now its totally depends upon Macron government what will they do to stop this protest, as the latest protest clearly puts the government into fear.



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