NewsNationalReports of disengagement between India-China is not accurate, Chinese state media

Reports of disengagement between India-China is not accurate, Chinese state media

Reports of disengagement between India-China is not accurate said Global Times
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Yesterday Indian Media reported that India-China border conflict may be resolved soon as the armies of the two countries have agreed to disengage from parts of the Eastern Ladakh sector, however Global Times denied any such report.

Global Times which is a state media channel of China, citing their sources said that the reports of disengagement in Ladakh is ‘not accurate’.

“The Global Times learned from sources on Thursday that while the momentum brought by the eighth round of corps commander talk is good, the ‘disengagement plan’ mentioned by the media is ‘not accurate’.”

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ANI reported on Wednesday that, both sides have agreed on a disengagement plan and supposed to withdraw around 30 per cent of troops every day for three days. The Indian side would be coming close to its administrative Dhan Singh Thapa post while the Chinese had consented to go back to their position east of Finger 8.

“In the third and last step, the two sides were to withdraw from their respective positions from the front line along the southern bank of Pangong Lake area which includes the heights and territories around Chushul and Rezang La area,” ANI reported.

Citing to reports Global Times said, “Some Indian media outlets are good at projecting India’s tough stance through partially true and partially false information, with the aim of stirring up domestic nationalism.”

This time Global Times sound accurate as both side in joint press release after 8th commander level didn’t mentioned anything about disengagement plan.

India-China joint press release said, “Both sides agreed to maintain dialogue and communication through military and diplomatic channels, and, taking forward the discussions at this meeting, push for the settlement of other outstanding issues, so as to jointly maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas.”

If Global Times is saying the true than this is good for India because as per disengagement plan reported by media, Indian side likely to be in disadvantageous position as earlier Indian Army used to patrol till Finger 8 but after this reported agreement we will restrict to Finger-3.

Currently India is maintaining 50,000 troops in Eastern Ladakh and in coming Brutal winter Indian side is in the advantageous position as Indian Army is habitat to stationed their troops in wold highest battlefield ‘Siachen Glacier’ all around year.

Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj
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