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Further rain may worsen flood situation in Assam, Water level rises in major rivers

Assam Flood
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Further rain may worsen the flood situation in Assam as water level rises in major river flowing Assam. The overflowing of Brahmaputra has already triggers mudslides and damaging of crops.

Water levels in Barak river has been on the rise in the recent days. The river flows westward into Cachar, then Karimganj district of Assam.

A Central Water Commission official told ANI, “Situation is under control, however, further rains can cause a flood-like situation in the area. Currently, water is below the danger level.”

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“Water from Mizoram and other places located above enters the Barak river. The situation can turn bad if more water enters the river. We are working with the Central Water Commission as per the inputs we get. We are trying our level best to do our duty even during the Covid-19 phase,” Deborato Roy, an employee of the state water resource department said.

“The water level at the Annapurna ghat had increased approximately 30 cm above the danger level two-three days back, but now it has receded and is below the danger level. The water in the Barak river is currently almost a metre below the danger level. We are fully ready for any challenges the rising of water level in the river may pose,” he further added.

At least 84 people have lost their lives and around 7 million people has been affected from floods in Assam. Many of them displaced.

– with Inputs from ANI

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