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Putin said his daughter is vaccinated as Russia register world’s first COVID-19 vaccine

Russia president Vladimir Putin
Photo:- Reuters

Russia register world’s first COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday. President Vladimir Putin said that one of his two daughters has been given a shot of vaccine.

“As far as I know, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the novel coronavirus infection was registered this morning,” President Vladimir Putin was quoted as saying at a meeting with the government.

“I hope we will be able to start mass production of this medication in the near future, which is very important,” he further said.

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“One of my daughters got vaccinated. In fact, she took part in an experiment. After the first vaccination, she had a temperature of 38 degrees, the next day slightly higher than 37, that’s all,” he said.

Though Putin didn’t specify that which of his daughter received the vaccine.

The impact of Coronavirus in Russia results in a popularity loss for Putin, news like president daughter is in among the list who got a shot of vaccine will definitely help him to regained his popularity.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Healthcare Minister Mikhail Murashko has informed that the COVID-19 vaccine of Russian Microbiology Research Center Gamaleya has been registered. The vaccine proved to be safe and effective, he added.

Russia is among the hardest hit country from Coronavirus.

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