NewsPUBG Mobile Brings new Update, Aimed to fix bugs from 0.16.0 Update

PUBG Mobile Brings new Update, Aimed to fix bugs from 0.16.0 Update

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PUBG released their 0.16.0 version on Wednesday, 11th December. New features were added with this update. With this update, not only PUBG team but Angry Birds are also celebrating as Angry Birds has completed their 10th anniversary this year. And Angry Birds are angry enough that they made a lot of sound in the spawn island which made the users go crazy.

Features of PUBG 0.16 Update

  • Snow Paradise Mode

While playing in the Erangel map, you can ride cable cars to travel in the snowy mountains and try snowboarding. You can also eliminate enemies while snowboarding.

  • High Speed Combat

RageGear mode is similar to War mode, here you will find 2 teams. One will be of yours and second will be of your opponent. In this mode, you will have to fight while being in the vehicle. It’s upto you whether you wannna be the driver or the shooter. One will have to drive the vehicle and second will be shooting at the opponent’s vehicle and opponent.

  • Perspective Switching

You will have the option to change your view from TPP to FPP or vice-versa while playing in any mode whether it’s Classic, Arcade and Training Ground.

After getting the new features in PUBG 0.16, players also got lots of bugs. It took them almost a week to fix those bugs. But still some of the bugs are there which is not fixed.

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PUBG 0.16 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Angry Birds grenades on Spawn Island were too loud when thrown.
  • Fixed a vehicle respawn issue in Payload mode.
  • Fixed an issue where firearm attachments were not appearing correctly in TDM’s loadouts.
  • Fixed an issue where the result screen would sometimes not be shown after a TDM match.
  • Fixed an error where throwables would be automatically thrown or thrown with an erroneous action.
  • Fixed an error where the customization settings does not switch to the current mode when opening the customization window.
  • Fixed an issue in the main menu where the friend invitation panel on the left could not be tapped.
  • Fixed respawn times for vehicles in RageGear.
  • Fixed an issue where seat change would sometimes fail in RageGear.
  • Fixed an issue where the item button is missing when using joystick controls in RageGear.
  • Fixed issues in ornament dismantling tab and in displaying Silver quantity.
  • Fixed display issues in Ecstatic Night Login Event items, tips, and error messages.
  • Fixed responsiveness of ad banner.
  • Fixed various localization issues.

Some user also complaining about mic glitch in 0.16.0 update, while some user reported that there PUBG account has been unnecessarily banned.

In the latest update PUBG didn’t mention about these bug fixes, So do let us know if you are also facing similar issue.

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