News#promote_all_IGNOU_students Trends on Twitter, Does it Make Sense ?

#promote_all_IGNOU_students Trends on Twitter, Does it Make Sense ?


We have witnessed lots of meaningless hash tags on Twitter and it’s trending section. Now, users areusing the hash tag to get the promotion in their courses. #promote_all_IGNOU_students has marked it’s place in Twitter’s trending section. There could have been less people who are not with the name of IGNOU. Indira Gandhi National Open University has nearly 2000 Learner Support Centres across the country and it famous for providing distance learning. Hash tag #promote_all_IGNOU_students doesn’t make sense for the reasons, mentioned below.

Why does #promote_all_IGNOU_students not make sense ?

  • IGNOU conducts exam for two times in a year which allow the student to give their exam second time if they missed the papers for first time.
  • IGNOU hasn’t released any notice for the date of examination which directly means university is not going to conduct the exam for some time.
  • If IGNOU had to conduct the Term End Examination they wouldn’t have the release the notice for holding the exam till further notice.
  • If IGNOU promotes all the student then most of the students will get promoted to the next year/semester who haven’t touched the book for a single time.
  • Students should have faith and trust on their confidence and prepare for the examination amid CoVID-19. Instead of trending #promote_all_IGNOU_students they should ask the government to allow age relaxation for everyone.
  • If students get promoted to the next year/semester, younger students will ask for the same and not prepare for exams.

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