DefencePrivate Partner to hold controlling stake in AMCA JV: HAL Chairperson

Private Partner to hold controlling stake in AMCA JV: HAL Chairperson

Private player to have controlling stake in AMCA JV
Advance Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) Model, Photo:- Bharat Shakti

India’s own Fifth Generation Fighter Jet AMCA (Advance Medium Combat Aircraft) to become a private entity, once it developed, as mentioned by HAL Chairperson.

The manufacturing of AMCA is going to be a Joint Venture program among Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and a private party.

In order to give boost to self-reliant Bharat and making good defence ecosystem in India, DRDO and HAL preferring to give private player controlling stake in upcoming Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft.

In an interview to Economic Times, HAL Chairperson R Madhavan said, “We will be forming a JV between DRDO, HAL and a private party. HAL will provide the infrastructure wherever possible so that the total capital cost is reduced for the private partners. Preferably, we want to keep our share below 50% so that it becomes a private entity,”

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The private players will have to invest 2500-3000 crore and the company must be able to manufacture the fifth generation technology.

“The expectations is that the private sector will have to invest Rs 2,500-3,000 crore but the number could vary. We are suggesting that the prototype manufacturing be kept outside the JV so that the capital requirement can be reduced,” Madhavan said.

If everything goes by plan, The Indian Air Force, HAL and DRDO is hopeful to induct AMCA into service before 2030.

“Most likely the prototypes will be made in Bangalore and the production could take place in Nasik. We are looking around 2028 to start production and we want that the private sector gets the capacity of investing and creating a new ecosystem and HAL does not remain to be the only production partner,” Madhavan said.

AMCA is most likely the fighter jet that will fill the gap for Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft in IAF.

While talks for the potential industrial partner is not started yet, but process is expected to complete soon.

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