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Manufacturers to bring down the price of N95 Masks by 47% as NPPA intervened

N95 Masks
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NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority) intervenes to bring down the prices of N95 surgical masks in India. After NPPA issued an advisory to N95 manufacturers on 21st May 2020, major manufacturers Venus introduced a hospital pack of 5 N95 masks and 5 surgical masks at Rs 395/- + taxes.

To address the issue of higher prices of the N95 Masks, NPPA intervened to bring down the prices. In this regard, in order to ensure availability of N95 Masks at affordable prices in the country, NPPA issued an Advisory on 21st May 2020 to all the manufacturers/importers/suppliers of the N-95 Masks to maintain parity in prices for non-government procurements and to make available the same at reasonable prices.

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After issuing such an Advisory, major manufacturers/importers of N-95 Masks have reduced their prices significantly up to 47% leading to availability of N-95 Masks in the country at affordable prices.

The Government has notified N-95 Masks as an essential commodity under Essential Commodities Act, 1955 by the Government vide Notification dated 13th March 2020. Thus, hoarding, black-marketing of the essential commodity is punishable offence under the Act.

To keep check on the hoarding, black-marketing of the essential commodity, NPPA directed all States/ UT Governments to ensure sufficient availability of surgical and protective Masks, Hand Sanitizer and Gloves at prices not exceeding the Maximum Retail Price printed on the pack size vide Orders dated 13th March 2020.

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