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Prajakta Koli’s short film Khayali Pulao review, a story about actual ‘freedom’

The highly anticipated short film Khayali Pulao of Youtuber Prajakta Koli better known by her stage name ‘Mostlysane’ is streaming now on YouTube for Free. Watch the movie here.


Khayali Pulao is a story of a young Haryanvi teenage girl ‘Asha’ who is very good at studies but is also very interested in playing Handball. The film revolved around her life, her interaction with the sport and the ultimate lesson of freedom. It is written and directed by Tarun Dudeja.

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The 26 minutes long short film started off with a very interesting frame which instantly makes you understand, why the film is named as Khayali Pulao. Prajakta Koli is playing the lead role here. Other than her, talented actor Yashpal Sharma is portraying an important character of ‘Kharab Sir’ in this film.

The film’s development is straightforward and honest. The director used the village as a character, which unfolds a lot of layers of our Indian society. Every other supporting cast just adds on more & more flavours to it. Their contribution helped a lot in keeping the film being interesting. The shooting location was on point, real rural India is reflecting through every shot.Prajakta Koli Khayali Pulao

Prajakta proved here that she is a very capable performer. Even though she is a Maharashtrian, her attempt in perfecting Haryanvi accent for this film is commendable. Only in some portions, you will find the breakage of the language but other than that she is good.

The lesson, the film taught me here, gives me a very fresh perspective about the actual meaning of freedom. At the end, I’m totally convinced with the product, the creators wanted to present here. It’s definitely a must watch for everyone.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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