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Police brutality in Tamil Nadu leads to protests and outrage across the state

Tamil Nadu Police Brutality

The death of Jayaraj and Fenix in Tamil Nadu because of Police Brutality towards them has caused an outrage and anger among the people. #JusticeforJayarajandFenix has been trending on twitter.

After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in United States Of America, there was huge movement across the country or more precisely across the globe. People came out of their houses during the Covid-19 pandemic to protest against Police Brutality. The movement became so big that the administration had to apologize for their deed to the public.

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But recently, the death of Jayaraj and his son Fenix in Tamil Nadu has raised many questions. 59 year old P.Jayaraj and his 31 year old son Bennicks(Fenix) were picked up by the Tamil Nadu police for violating the lockdown rules. The father and son owns a mobile which they kept open, violating the curfew.

The father son duo was picked up by Sathankulam police and it is alleged that the cop brutally thrashed, beat and tortured the two people. Eye witnesses have claimed that the cops has inserted a metal objects into the victims rectum according to India Today.
Fenix died on June 22, while his father took his last breath on June 23 at Kovelpatti General Hospital.

Advocate S Manimaran, an eyewitness to the brutality said, “We were standing out and we were seeing the whole incident from outside through a glass gate. Fenix and his father were beaten. In the morning there was blood all over the place where they were sitting.” according to India Today.

Since the news broke out, thousands of people came out of their houses to ask justice for the father and son duo. The 15 minutes delay in closing the shop resulted to loss of two lives. Social media is flooded with anger and outrageous tweets. #JusticeforJayarajandFenix has been trending on twitter. Several big names have come out in support of this trend and has demanded justice.


Netizens are demanding people to stand for Jayaraj and Fenix and condemned this inhumane action by the police personnel. Jayaraj and Fanix are being called as India’s George Floyd.

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