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“Your name will go down in history… “, PM Modi pens down a heartfelt letter to MS Dhoni

PM Modi writes a heartfelt letter to MS Dhoni
Source : PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the person from whom anyone would want the appreciation. PM Modi has written a heartfelt letter to MS Dhoni acknowledging his contribution to the game of cricket in India and how he inspired millions of Cricket fans and youth across the nation and the World.

MS Dhoni took to Twitter and shared the letter by PM Modi and tweeted words of appreciation for PM – “An Artist, Soldier, and Sportsperson what they crave for is appreciation, that their hard work and sacrifice is getting noticed and appreciated by everyone. thanks, PM @narendramodi for your appreciation and good wishes.”

In a heartfelt written letter for MS Dhoni who hanged his boots on the 74th Independence day of India, PM Modi wrote – “In your trademark unassuming style you shared a video that was enough to become a passionate discussion point for entire nation. 130 Cr Indians were disappointed but also eternally grateful for all that you have done for Indian cricket.”

He further writes –Your name will go down in history as being one of the World’s batting greats, among the greatest cricketing captains and certainly one of the best WicketKeepeers the game has seen”.

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Modi has mentioned Dhoni’s dependability in tough situations and his style of finishing matches, referring to the 2011 world cup final and how it would be forever etched in the public memory for generations.

PM Modi hailed Dhoni as a human being and how he has inspired crores of youths by his down to earth nature, his conduct and behaviour on and off the field.

“Rising from humble beginnings in a small town, you burst onto the national scene, made a name for yourself and most importantly made India proud.

Your rise and conduct thereafter gives strength and inspiration to crores of youngsters who like you have not been to cushy schools or colleges, neither do they belong to illustrious families but they have the talent to distinguish themselves at the highest levels,” writes PM.

“You have been one of the important illustrations of the spirit of New India, where family name does not make young people’s destiny but they make their own names and their own destinies.”

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He pointed his risk taking ability and praised his ability to back himself and the team referring to many of his on-field moments, one being handing the final over to Joginder Sharma in the final of the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup.

“Many of your memorable on-field moments exemplify a particular generation of Indians. This generation of Indians does not hesitate to take risks and back each other’s abilities in even the toughest situations — seen in the way you took risks many a time in backing little known youngsters to deliver in high pressure situations. The 2007 T-20 World Cup Finals is a perfect example of this spirit.”

He go on to mention some of his qualities he imbibed in the Indian team and to the youth through his leadership and fearless attitude.

“This generation of Indians does not lose their nerve in decisive situations; we saw that in many of your innings and games. Our youth does not lose heart in the face of adversity and, most importantly, are fearless, just like the team you led.”

He tells how his sense of being the same in victory and defeat tells a very important lesson for every youth.

“No matter what hairstyle you sported, your calm head remained the same in victory or defeat, which is a very important lesson for every youth.”

At last, he appreciated his special Association with the Indian army and his concerns towards their welfare.

He wished he get to spend more time with his wife Sakshi and daughter Ziva and hailed their sacrifices and support for the Captain cool.

“I hope Sakshi and Ziva get to spend more time with you. I convey my good wishes to them as well, because without their sacrifices and support nothing would have been possible.

Our youth could also learn from you how to balance professional and personal priorities; I remember seeing a picture of you playing with your cute daughter even as everyone around you was celebrating a victory in a particular tournament! That was vintage MS Dhoni. Wishing you the very best for your future endeavours.”


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