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#PlayThis Trends on Twitter, Spotify Adds A New Feature

#PlayThis Spotify Feature

As usual, new keywords and hash tags were trending on Twitter today as well. But latest hash tag is not like others and didn’t remain just part of the gossip. Latest hash tag #PlayThis kept trending trending on Twitter India as because Spotify has launched a new feature for Twitter users.

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What is #PlayThis ?

It’s a new feature by Spotify for Twitter users. People find it difficult to search for specific kind of music playlist. Now, Twitter handle of Spotify India is making this difficult task easy by recommending them playlist for different moods. Twitter users are needed to tweet with #PlayThis with emoji.

How does #PlayThis work ?

Functioning of this feature is quite easy. When users tweet or reply in Twitter with #PlayThis(emoji), Spotify India send them a link of music playlist, related to the emoji. If users use heart emoji after the above mentioned hash tag, Spotify India will send them a link of romantic, lovable playlist.

  • NOTE : Use Actual Emoji in place of (emoji) without parenthesis, i.e., small bracket.

Spotify India gave a surprising feature to the users on Sunday. They made the users aware of this feature with a tweet :

It’s not necessary that Spotify India will send you the link of playlist after user’s tweet/reply on Twitter. It is observed that Spotify India is not sending the links to users who have been using abusive words. Some emojis are there for which Spotify is not replying to #PlayThis.



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