ScienceIndians can see the Pink Super Moon on April 8

Indians can see the Pink Super Moon on April 8

Indians can see the Pink supermoon on 8th April, 2020 at 8:05 AM in the morning.

Pink moon
Source: elizabeth.keaney on Instagram

A supermoon or the Pink supermoon takes place when the full moon is very close to the earth’s surface. As we know the moon revolves around the earth in an elliptical orbit, that means it will have a closest and a farthest point to the earth. Distance from the earth to the closest point, Perigee is 382,900 kilometres and the farthest point, Apogee is 405,500 kilometres.

Why this full moon is called Supermoon?

When the moon reaches to Perigee, it comes a little closer to the earth’s surface which makes it look a little bigger and 20 per cent brighter than a regular moon.

Phlox flowers
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This supermoon is not actually pink in colour but it got the name Pink super moon from the North Americans. During spring, Pink Phlox flowers blooms in the that region which eventually becomes the origin for it’s name.

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The supermoon will be visible at different times across the globe. Check your local news website to get the exact timing.

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