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Penguin movie review: Keerthy Suresh steals the show again

  1. Disclaimer: In this Penguin movie review, I only talked about the technical aspects of the film. This is a total non-spoiler review.


The new Amazon Prime Video movie ‘Penguin‘ starring Keerthy Suresh is out now. The movie is a crime thriller and also an emotional tale of a mother who lost her child years ago. The never ending love of the mother keeps her trying to find him, but at present her life is completely changed due to some circumstances. See how the film transitions from one phase to another.

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The movie is 2 hours 12 minutes long and in it’s running time you will come across several elements that are good and bad. So let’s start the discussion.


Undeniably the best thing about the movie is the cinematography by Kharthik Palani. The wide shots of Kodaikanal’s beautiful landscapes were just pleasant to watch. The drone shots looked totally amazing helping the storytelling in a very good way.


All the shoot locations were just good. The vibe, the film needs was given by the locations where it was all shot. There’s horror, there’s some mystery and there’s some innocence in between them.


Keerthy Suresh definitely steals the show again in this movie. She as Rhythm was very impressive. Her motherly nature and undefeated courage in this movie tells you why she is such a praise worthy actress. In most of the scenes, you just want to applaud her effortless acting.

The supporting cast was good but the creators don’t gave enough screen time to explore to their characters. Master Advait as Ajay did good with his part, but the writing issues keeps him in the back. Rhythm’s pet Cyrus, a black Labrador is the onlu other one to look forward in this film.


If the creators choosed to let the film just an hour and half long, it won’t bothered me at all. But honestly, the last 30-35 minutes confused me as hell. Why there’s a need to bring an antagonist who can’t even develop a haunting surrounding. In the climax, I felt like pausing the film and leave it without completing.


Penguin impresses me in several moments and disappoints in few. The things which eventually kept the movie alive to the end were the moments, the moments of emotional discoveries, breakdowns and reveals were the highlights. But there were some moments where I am like, What! Why?

If I have to describe the movie in short, I would say “the movie is a good watch without any interruption till the 98th minute“. Watch the movie only for Keerthy’s performance or else you will be disappointed.

RATING: 6.5/10

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