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Paul Thomas Anderson should consider casting this ‘Indian actor’ in his next film

Paul Thomas Anderson has directed movies like The Master, Boogie Nights and more.

Paul Thomas Anderson
Paul Thomas Anderson (image by AP) and Vijay Varma(Instagram)

One of Hollywood’s most popular filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson has many die heart fans all around the globe. One of them is an Indian actor named Vijay Varma, who is among the new faces that came to fame after their hard hitting performances in recent years.

Vijay Varma featured in some of the best performing films in the last decade. His breakthrough performance came in the neo noir crime thriller ‘Monsoon Shootout’ where he played the lead. His acting career took a leap last year with ‘Gully Boy’ where he played a small but important role of Moeen Arif. He was last seen in the super hit Amazon Original ‘Mirzapur 2’ and the Mira Nair BBC miniseries ‘A Suitable Boy’.

Recently in a virtual interview with the YouTube channel ‘Our Stupid Reactions’, the actor revealed some of his favourites from Hollywood. When asked about his most favourite director from Hollywood that he wants to work with, he without any second thoughts answered “Paul Thomas Anderson”.

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Later he revealed, why Paul is his favourite and why he wants to work with him. Seeing the filmography of Paul Thomas Anderson, one can never deny that he is a genius of his craft. His films has showed and taught so many things to us, that we are bound to fall in love with them all.

People here in India, consider Vijay Varma as one of the best young talents to ever grace the silver screen. His body language, his screen presence and his dialogue deliveries has something that makes him different from others. Many of the fans consider him as the perfect choice for the role of Joker(if it ever remade in India).

Vijay has talked about featuring in a Hollywood movie several times before. Seeing Paul’s choice of films and liking, he should consider casting Vijay Varma in one of his upcoming projects. Paul’s direction and Vijay’s incomparable acting will surely be very interesting to watch on the big screen.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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