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Panchayat Season 2 Review: A hard hitting sequel, very heavy on emotions

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After a very successful season 1, the much loved and much celebrated web series Panchayat from the house of TVF comes back for another season. This Panchayat season 2 review talks about the technical and emotional aspects of the show in a spoiler free manner.

As you know that, Panchayat is a social comedy drama produced by Arunabh Kumar which is based on a village in Uttar Pradesh and its story mainly revolves around the lives of people working in the Gram Panchayat. The series is led by Jitendra Kumar, a very familiar face of the TVF brand and other veteran actors like Neena Gupta and Raghuvir Yadav. Other key roles in the series are played by Faisal Malik, Chandan Roy and Sanvikaa.

Writer Chandan Kumar and Director Deepak Kumar Mishra, who worked in the first season came back for this season also, which in a way helped the series in maintaining its original essence. Throughout its running minute you won’t feel a bit that this is a sequel releasing after a year. It felt like a continuation from the finale of season 1 and that’s a big win for the creators because others fails to do so.


First of all, the casting done for this series is commendable. All the actors play their characters with utmost responsibility and dedication. None of them makes you feel disconnected at any point of time with their performances. Be it a character like Vinod(played by Ashok Pathak) or Parmeshwar(played by Shrikant Verma) or Bhushan (played by Durgesh Kumar), they stick out from others due to their unique characteristics.

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Jitendra Kumar as always shined with the material he was given. The subtlety with which he is improvising in his lifestyle as Sachiv Ji are appreciable. On the other hand, Neena Gupta and Raghuvir Yadav once again showed why they are the best. Every scene they featured in guaranteed calmness as well as choas. Their interactions felt very real and not like a camera is rolling in the side, kudos to them.

Faisal Malik as Prahlad Pandey did a lot more than asked I guess. His body language in this season showcases a variety of emotions which elevated his character’s value to the story. Vikas played by Chandan Roy was calm as always in his presentation but also savage in his delivery, the actor surely knows how to still a scene. Sanvikaa was given a good amount of screentime this season but her character is yet to hit a milestone, maybe season 3 will share light on some more of her development.


The best quality about Panchayat is its writing, hands down. The interactions between characters doesn’t feel like acting, this is because the dialogues used in here are true to the place. Mix that with the direction they’re given and here you have a perfectly executed scene. Also, the social context they explored this season are needed to be discussed in the commercial space.

While watching this season, I found many hidden details in the screenplay which were beautiful to say the least. Didn’t expected the writing to go this deep in philosophy and human nature. The cultural representation is commendable, people unfamiliar with the lifestyle of rural India will surely learn from that. I started this series in a hope to be entertained, which I was entertained one hundred percent but the life lessons which are discussed cleverly will stay with me for a long time now.

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Also, can I say, Panchayat season 2 may have one of the best finale episode among all the TVF creations. Throughout the series, I was laughing hysterically but the finale drenched me in tears. The last scene at the Gram Panchayat office was so well composed and executed that it’s hard for anyone to not cry, well done creators.


After finishing season 2, I realised the editing done this time was even nicer. The episodes’ average a runtime of 35 minutes but with the slow paced narrative it can be hard for some people to stick to the screens for longer. The creative choice taken on the editing table helped in making the scenes look clean in presentation and very engaging.


As compared to season 1, this season saw an increase in the number of songs used in the screenplay. From a dance track to a TVF special, this time the music has helped a lot in elevating the emotions. Also, the background score used throughout the running minutes of the series brought a sense of calmness and happiness, which I personally liked a lot.


Amitabha Singh like last time, let nothing unexplored. He utilised every corner of the sets to showcase the scenes in a more meaningful and beautiful way. The choice of shots he took resulted in a comfortable viewing experience.


The season ended on a cliffhanger and there are still some things to take shape, so there’s a season 3 coming next May. And, if you’re still confused about watching it or not on Amazon Prime Video, here’s a personal advice, do watch it. Watch it to relive the carefree days of summer, watch it to know about some important life learnings, watch it to be entertained and watch it to have a good time.



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