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Panchayat Non Spoiler Review: Jeetu Bhaiya and Neena Gupta share screen again


Amazon Prime Video’s new web series Panchayat created by TVF which stars Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta and Raghuvir Yadav in lead is a comedy-drama which captures the journey of an engineering graduate Abhishek.

On April 3, the creators of TVF offered a new web series to their viewers in a completely different platform Amazon Prime Video. The show itself was a surprise because there’s no such news regarding its release in the past few weeks.
The trailer was announced on March 29 by Biswapati Sarkar and Jitendra Kumar through Instagram. And just day after the announcement, the trailer dropped.
Panchayat is directed by TVF’s Permanent Roommates Director Deepak Kumar Mishra(more famous as Purushottam) and written by Chandan Kumar. The series features some of the best actors from the digital medium as well as some new emerging faces.

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The story of Panchayat revolves around Abhishek who is an engineering graduate but unfortunately has no better job options. When he gets a job as a secretary in the Panchayat office in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh. Abhishek was unsure about to join it or not. Later his friend Prateek convinced him to go for the job as he found that job a little adventures. When Abhishek reaches there, he got stuck between crazy villagers and a difficult village lifestyle. Abhishek starts his job with the sole motivation of getting out of there as soon as possible, for which he even prepares for CAT.

So now let’s discuss about every feature of the web series from set designing to music, from writing to acting without giving away any major spoilers.
The series is eight episodes long with an average running time of 35 minutes.

• The whole web series was shoot in a real village. Most of the government locations used are real locations where the show was shot after permissions which took months to come. The show has been shot in a real Panchayat office. Also Pradhan ji’s house is an actual Village Pradhan’s house. The production department had to just adjust the look of it according to their need.

• The costumes used in the show were right at point. Costume designer Priyadarshini Majumdar used Fancy clothing only were needed but mostly she opted for cheap looking cloths that a villager generally wears.
Fun trivia: The costume designer bought clothes for everyone from the local market to feign authenticity. But the moment she washed the cheap local market clothes, all of them shrunk. She then had to find cheap-looking branded clothes.

Panchayat Cast
Cast Of Panchayat

• Panchayat’s story development was quick yet steady. You will get a good glance of the story just from it’s first episode. Writer Chandan Kumar not only tells you the struggle of the main characters but also bring out some of India’s rural society hidden problems in a very clever manner.
• Every characters depiction felt real. Those are the characters that you will surely find in any village. The casting director did a good job here.

• Right from the first scene of the village you will start appreciating the angles and perspectives used by cinematographer Amitabha Singh. Some Aerial shots of the village were just beautiful.
• Director Deepak Mishra showed the good as well as the bad side of a village. The habits of a villager, the inner politics that happens in a Gram Panchayat, role of women in a rural area everything was showed how we actually seen it in reality.

• One thing is guaranteed in every TVF show that you will see good Acting performances. Abhishek Tripathy played by Jitendra Kumar is one such character that will you surely find in your friend circle. That individual who wants to achieve a lot but can’t get to it quickly. Abhishek’s character has a continuous struggling and unhappy expression which shows his desperate want to get out of the village.
• Raghuvir Yadav as Pradhan ji was expectional. He will make you laugh, applaud and at some scenes even cry. Neena Gupta’s character is also very interesting. She was bold and clear on what she thinks.
• The surprise from this show was Vikas played by Chandan Roy. As I said he was a surprise, so I won’t reveal anything about him here rather than telling you that, you will just love him after watching the show. This was his debut show.
• Every other supporting cast was brilliant. They did exactly what they were instructed to do.

• The most overwhelming feature of the show was it’s music. You just can’t deny the fact that the music adds so much to the characters and the scenes.
Anurag Saikia’s music helps the show in maintaining a continuous happy vibe in it.
• The Title track was grooving. “Paheli” song by Anurag and Raghav Chaitanya is my favourite from the Album. You can listen to the Album on Amazon Music.

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Like any other movie or show, Panchayat has also some flaws but they are very minor. Normal viewers can never find them. I promised you that I will not giveaway any spoiler but there’s one thing I want to disclose here that Panchayat ended on such a note that it clearly shows the chances of an another season. One more little spoiler, you will wait the whole series for Abhishek’s one proper smile but you will get it right only at the end.



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