NewsPakistan PM Imran Khan admits that ISI listens his every conversation

Pakistan PM Imran Khan admits that ISI listens his every conversation

Imran Khan said ISI listens his conversation
Courtesy:- Express News

In a recent interview, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted that ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence) listens his each and every conversation.

On 28 November, PM Imran Khan has given his exclusive interview to the Express News show ‘To The Point with Mansoor Ali Khan’.

During the show, when Mansoor Ali asked to Imran Khan, “Should agencies know what the Prime Minister’s activities are?”

He answered, “Our ISI is an outstanding intelligence agency in the world, Whatever I do, whom I call, whoever contacts me, ISI knows everything”.

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“Should technically ISI know all this? What Prime Minister is doing” Ali asked him again,

“Not only us, even in US, whatever Donald Trump or Joe Biden is doing, CIA is well aware about that, intelligence agency all around the world knows everything about their leader, as they need to protect them, for security they know everything”, he said.

Everyone around the world is well aware about the position of Prime Minister in Pakistan and how their Army dominate in the politics of the country.

Generally in Democracies around the world, intelligence agencies simply don’t have the authority to listen the conversation of head of the state.

Yes, intelligence agency do aware the daily itinerary of the Prime Minister or President but they can not have the power to spy their own head of the state, not even for security purpose.

PM Imran Khan also referred as the puppet of the Army and these confessions by him are not surprising.

Mansoor Ali also asked about Pakistan deteriorating relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Imran Khan answered, “Our relations with Saudi Arabia are very good and the impression of Muhammad bin Salman not picking up my telephone is not correct”.

“Yes, UAE has some issues with issuing new Visa and they cancelled Visa for at least 10 Muslim Nations including Pakistan and we are in talks with them”, Prime Minister said on UAE new Visa policy.

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