News International Pakistan hits a new low, Bans Website of Balochistan Human Rights Group

Pakistan hits a new low, Bans Website of Balochistan Human Rights Group

Pakistan Banned Balochistan Human rights commissionPakistan, who always busy in giving India lectures over Human Rights, has now imposed a ban on official website of Human Rights Commission of Balochistan (also known as Hakkpaan).

HRCB claims to be a non-profit human rights organization operating in Balochistan; a region that already suffers from strict levels of media restriction. They also have firm bases in foreign countries like Sweden, the UK and France. From the past few years, HRCB has been actively working in Balochistan to collect information about the ongoing human rights abuses and report them to the international media and organizations. They employ “a network of volunteers and supporters” that assemble and communicate information from the remotest corners of Balochistan.

According to The Balochistan Post news desk; authorities have banned HRCB’s official website in Pakistan. If attempted to access, the website states that: “Surf Safely! The site you are trying to access contains content that is prohibited for viewership from within Pakistan.”

From last few years, pro liberation campaigns in Balochistan increased resulting instability in the region. Pakistan armed forces ruthlessly crushing the campaigns in the region.

In an official statement, HRCB exhibited shock on this act and mentioned that they are a fair and unbiased “human rights organisation” and not “a party to the war in Balochistan.” In an apprehensive tone, HRCB expressed their fear that after the unanticipated banning of their website, Pakistani authorities might target their “volunteers and office-bearers who are living in the country.”

There are already a strict media restrictions exist in Baloch region. Now The Balochistan Post network – is also banned in Pakistan.

Journalist bodies and rights group allege that “Balochistan functions under abysmal media restrictions: public opinion is suppressed, political dissent is confronted with brute force and freedom of speech is curtailed.”

According to many campaign groups, “human rights activists, political dissidents and journalists are constantly harassed through the misuse of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act in Balochistan. Any kind of information relevant to the Law Enforcement Agencies is considered “harmful” and, therefore, its propagations is forbidden. Furthermore, any information about CPEC is also withheld and its dissemination is deemed an issue of “national security”. Cellular networks and the internet are frequently cut off for “security reasons”.”

According to a latest report by Human Rights Commission of Balochistan, the Pakistani army has abducted five people from two different areas of Balochistan.

Missing reports in Balochistan isn’t a new phenomena. In last few years several cases reported in the media for Missing and Killing of Baloch citizens.

However, it is a irony that Pakistan always busy in criticising India over Kashmir, although media is not ban in Indian Kashmir.

Aditya Raj
Writer & Co-founder of InfotOnline.

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