DefencePrivate firm OshoCorp awarded with $190M contract to supply APU's for tanks...

Private firm OshoCorp awarded with $190M contract to supply APU’s for tanks by Indian Army

Indian army selects OshoCorp to supply Auxiliary power unit for t72 tanks

Indian Army awarded Private sector firm OshoCorp Global Private Limited to develop & supply 3257 Auxiliary Power Units (APU) for Russian origin T-72 & T-90 tanks.

The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is an alternate source of power for the Fire Control System of the Tank and ancillaries, to cater for power requirements, while deployed in surveillance mode during a lull in battle, and during training, with a view to conserve the life of main engine of the Tank.

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The Indian Army released a tender to procure APU in 2016 and Preliminary Specifications Qualitative Requirements (PSQR) in 2017.

After 4 years of selection process for development & supply of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) under Make II guidelines of Ministry of Defence, Government of India and project sanction order is issued to 0shoCorp.

The present project cost to supply 3257 Auxiliary Power Units is more than INR 1325 Crore (USD 190 Million).

Mr Ashutosh Khate CEO believed that the project will help our country towards self reliance in APU manufacturing technology for Tanks and fulfill the Prime Minister’s vision of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.

Compact Size, Integration with Tank, Heat Dissipation, Sealing during fording is the challenges involved in developing auxiliary power unit for tanks.

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