NewsnCORE Games Clarification on FAU-G is Justifiable ?

nCORE Games Clarification on FAU-G is Justifiable ?

nCORE Games Clarification on FAUG

nCORE Games, the developer team of FAU-G has issued clarification on the questions, raised on the team for poster and idea. Most clear question that was raised upon nCORE Games, Vishal Gondal and Akshay Kumar (mentor of game) was about the plagiarism of poster. People were asking questions to the team of nCORE Games and co-founder, investor Vishal Gondal whether the poster was stolen from somewhere else ?

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nCORE Games Clarification is Justifiable ?

We had made everyone aware of the actual owner of poster that nCORE Games has used for the FAU-G (Fearless and United-Guards). Akshay Kumar had shared the poster of game from his Twitter handle and then heat evolved in Twitter among the users.

Now, nCORE Games clarification. At first, they cleared about the concept where people were claiming that idea of FAUG was stolen by Akshay Kumar from the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. nCORE Games denied and told it a fake and baseless claim. On second note, they added that all copyright & intellectual property related to FAU-G is owned by nCORE and they have purchased the license to use the image from Shutter Stock. Their team will initiate all the steps against the persons who have and are spreading baseless and fake news about FAU-G and their team.

As a game developer team, is nCORE Games clarification justifiable ? If nCORE Games is bringing such a big game, they should have created something of their own. It could have taken some time but presenting the brand new poster could have mattered. No one was in hurry and no one was even aware about the FAU-G. Suddenly, it surfaced upon social media and people found that using Stock images in such a large game can’t enlighten AtmaNirbhar movement, what Akshay Kumar was claiming on his tweet.

In recent interviews, Vishal Gondal has cleared that game was not coming to as PUBG alternative and their game is different from PUBG. First level will be focused on the Galwan valley tension between India-China.

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