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Complaint registered against cutting down of trees in Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve


Complaint registered against people for cutting down trees and causing damage to wildlife in Maharashtra.

Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve

People preaching how to save environment and the difficulties we are facing today because of our attitude towards the nature and on the other side people are causing damage to wildlife and environment by cutting down trees in the name of development. National Tiger Conservation Authority recently received a complain of illegally cutting down trees and building roads inside the premises of Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve situated in Bhandara & Gondia District.

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The JCB is being continously used for cutting trees, around 200-300 trees were uprooted from the ground and 300-400 bushes cleared with the help of JCB. The work has been going on since the beginning of lockdown as one of the guards of the tiger reserve said to ANI that, “I do not know what work is being carried out but on April 23 1 JCB along with 2 tractors came back”.

Sachin Rangari, secretary of People For Animals and Honory district Animal Welfare Board Of India said to ANI, “According to the information we have received when all the Government  works were stopped during the lockdown, a total of 400-500 trees were cut in the Tiger Reserve. 1 JCB and 2 tractors were brought inside to carry out works in the restricted areas. This is violation of laws related to Tiger Conservation and Forest Conservation. These activities in core zone of tiger reserve violate the provisions of Forest Act, 1927, Forest Conservation Act, 1972. These illegal activities started from March onwards”.

The Nagzira Tiger Reserve is not as famous as Gir or Corbart National Park but it has its own essence. Located near the Vidarbha Mountain Range is referred to as Green Oisis  of the region. The Reserve got its name from Snake or Naag temple in the area. In 1970 the area was declared as Wildlife Sanctuary and in 2012 it was merged with another national park.



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