ScienceNational Science Day: Raman Effect, Biggest Discoveries In The Last Decade

National Science Day: Raman Effect, Biggest Discoveries In The Last Decade

C.V Raman
C.V Raman

Today India celebrates National Science Day in the remembrance of C.V Raman and his discovery of Raman Effect, for which C.V Raman was awarded with Noble Prize in Science in 1930. This year’s theme for National Science Day is Women in Science.

Why we celebrate National Science Day?

In 1921, C.V Raman was on his trip when he noticed the striking blue colour of the Mediterranean Sea. He was not convinced with the theory that the sea is blue because of the sky’s colour. This gave arise to series of questions in Raman’s mind which helped him in developing a theory in 1928, that came to be knows as Raman Scattering or Raman Effect.

What is Raman Scattering or Raman Effect?

Raman and his student collaborator made this theory in 1928.
The Raman Effect is the process of scattering of light particles by molecules of a medium. The scattering occurs due to a change in the wavelength of light as it enters the medium. When a beam of light travels through a dust-free, transparent chemical, a small fraction of the light emerges in directions other than where it should.

For Example- When you see an apple on a bright shiny day. Every wondered why it’s red? So here’s the reason.

The sunlight is made up of the colours (VIBGYOR) Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow,

Orange and Red and each colour has a particular wavelength. You can see the different colours of sunlight while it passes through a prism. Everything in this universe is made up of molecules which interact with the sun’s light. Most of apple molecules absorbs all the light except red, that is reflected hence we can see a red apple. The same effect also happens in sea this is knows as Raman Effect.

Raman Effect is mostly used in spectroscopy.

As it’s National Science Day so let’s talk about some big science discoveries in the last decade.

1) Higgs Boson– It took many years, thousands of people, many efforts and one big machine.

Higgs Boson is a particle in standard model of physics. On 14th March,2013 scientist at CERN(a research institute near Geneva) officially confirmed that they have found Higgs particle.

2) Gravitational Waves- In 1916, Albert Einstein discovered about space time that was disturbed by strange ripples known as gravitational waves. 100 years later Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave  Observatory Collaboration found from where these gravitational waves were emerging.

This waves were spotted from a merging black holes.

3) AlphaGo– Today is the era of artificial intelligence but the main achievement was AlphaGo. The AlphaGo is developed by DeepMind beat the leading player Lee Sadol at a boarding game.

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