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Myanmar alleges China for providing weapons to terror organisation based in the country

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Myanmar calls out China for supplying ammunition to terror groups based on the country.

The close ties between Myanmar and China is not hidden from anyone. China and Myanmar have built a strong relationship over the years, but recently in a Russian state- run TV channel Zavezda, Myanmar’s Senior General Min Aung Hlaing said that terrorists organisation based on Myanmar are backed by ‘Strong Forces’ and the country needs International Cooperation.

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Although the Senior General avoided to name the country, but the reference ‘Strong Force’ is assumed to be for China. Myanmar Military Spokesperson Brigadier Zaw Min Tun said, ” The terrorist organisation being referred to are Arakaran Army (AA), Arakaran Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

China has been a big exporter of arms to Myanmar. From 1990-2016, China has exported 696 Armoured Vehicles, 125 Artillery, 21 Naval Vessels, 1029 Missiles and 120 Aircraft to Mayanmar. The Myanmar Rebel Groups operating in Chinese Border are often seen using Chinese ammunition so there is no denial of the fact about Chinese connection behind internal terror in Myanmar.

However China has always rubbished the claims of Chinese connection to keep Myanmar under their control by providing arms to the terror organisation.

In November 2019, Myanmar Military seized a huge cache of weapons which also included surface to air missiles. Direct connection was established with China as most of the weapons seized were Chinese weapons.

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