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Mulan skips theatrical release, to premiere on Disney Plus at a premium price

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Mulan, one of the most ambitious project of Niki Caro will now be premiering on Disney Plus on September 4, for a premium rental price.

The movie is a live action adaptation of Disney’s 1998 Animated release with the same name. Starring Liu Yifei, Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Yoson An, Gong Li and Jet Li, the film is based on the legend of female Chinese warrior who disguises herself to save her father from conspiration into a war.

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However with ‘Mulan’ the makers are trying to do a new experiment. Mulan skipping theatrical release will now be available on Disney Plus and the subscribers need to pay $29.99 to rent the movie on top of streaming service’s monthly subscription fee of $6.99.

The Digital Giant want to test whether the subscribers are keen in investing their hard earned money to witness epic movies like Mulan. The company believes ‘Mulan’ will help them drive subscribers who are keen to pay, which will be a win win situation for a movie that was originally slated to release on theatres.

Made with a whopping amount of $200 million, the producers are aiming to recover their money with this new model.The huge scale the movie with astonishing frames was meant to be witnessed on the big screen. But the global pandemic and no hope about reopening of theatres, the makers had to finally head for a digital release.

The making of film started back in August 2018. ‘Mulan’ is the most expensive movie directed by a female. The movie was scheduled to release in theatres on 27th March and a red carpet premiere at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles was organised on March 9. But just 3 days later, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the makers to hold the film.  After delaying multiple times, finally the movie will be releasing on Disney Plus.

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