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Most followed Indian Youtuber on social media in 2020


The new age celebrities or in other words the Entertainers, who we better acknowledge as YouTubers are crushing the internet right now. After every passing month, they are gaining more and more popularity on the digital platforms. So, we have summed up the data and made a list of most followed Indian Youtuber on social media in 2020.

We have only included the data of their social media handles such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The reason to choose only these 3 platforms is because these are the current most used social sites other than YouTube in India. So let’s find out who is the most popular Indian content creator on the internet.

5. Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji) – 7 Million

World’s biggest tech Youtuber Technical Guruji is currently on the 5th spot on this list. Gaurav Chaudhary, founder of TG has built a huge community around his YouTube channel. He provides exclusive tech videos, mostly about newly released and sometimes of unreleased smartphones.

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Other than that, he also post videos about new tech inventions, leaks, telecom plans, security glitches and more. Gaurav loves to make vlogs when he’s traveling. You can checkout his other channel (Gaurav Chaudhary) where he post them. One more interesting fact about TG, he doesn’t follow anyone, anywhere on the social media. Like literally he has Zero account in his following section.

Instagram – 2.3 Million
Facebook – 1.5 Million
Twitter – 3.2 Million

4. Amit Bhadana – 10.2 Million

India’s desi munda, Amit Bhadana is one of the most loved content creator among all age groups in India. He’s maybe the only big Youtuber right now, who hasn’t used any vulgar or highly abusive language in his videos to make it more interesting. Actually his humour and his rhyming in the dialogues does the magic.

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Before starting YouTube, Amit used to post dubbing videos and comedy sketches on his Facebook page, which helped him gain fame in the beginning. Among these five creators, he has the most number of followers on Facebook. Till date he has uploaded 81 videos on YouTube and on an average they were watched 14 million times each.

Instagram – 4.6 Million
Facebook – 5.0 Million
Twitter – 678K

3. Ajey Nagar (Carryminati) – 14.1 Million

Source: Instagram

Carryminati is Asia’s biggest Youtuber and owner of World’s 96th most subscribed YouTube channel. His life was going just fine till May of this year, when he intentionally step foot on an ongoing war between YouTubers & Tiktokers. That single video helped him reach 20 million subscribers from 10.3M within 2 weeks. Soon he became India’s most subscribed individual Youtuber.

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His followers base is continuously increasing from then. His song Yalgaar is India’s most liked video on YouTube with over 13 million likes and 188 million views. Other then roasting and rapping, he also play games and stream them online. His second channel CarryisLive, where he do streaming has 8.2 million subscribers as of now.

Instagram – 10.4 Million
Facebook – 1.3 Million
Twitter – 2.4 Million

2. Ashish Chanchlani (ACV) – 15.8 Million

If there’s anyone on this list who truly deserves to be called an actor, is this man right here. He defines visual comedy on YouTube for many people. Ashish Chanchlani Vines is one of India’s most popular channel for comedy sketches and also for some Hatke videos.

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He’s one of the first bunch of people who became famous on Vines in the mid 2010’s. in India. From there to collaborating with International actors & directors, Ashish Chanchlani has come a long way. He has always tried to be as real as possible on the internet and has bravely talked about issues through his social platforms.

Instagram – 9.7 Million
Facebook – 4.3 Million
Twitter – 1.8 Million

1. Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) – 19.7 Million

Bhuvan Bam is the one man army behind BB Ki Vines. This Delhiite made his channel this famous just by creating characters and making stories around them from his bedroom. He motivated many creators around the nation to work harder and consistently towards their craft. You can call Bhuvan Bam, the face of YouTube India.

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Bhuvan is the ultimate definition of what a social media influencer should be like. He inspires a generation of people to be good not just for the internet but for themselves. He recently got tested positive for the virus but as soon as he overcomes that thing, he went back to work and made a lot of content for his followers to enjoy and that’s exactly what entertainers do.

Instagram – 11.1 Million
Facebook – 4.9 Million
Twitter – 3.7 Million

So, these are the 5 most followed Indian Youtuber on all of social media. There’s a lot of creators right now on YouTube who has the potential to make big in the coming years, maybe next year we will see some familiar faces topping this list.



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