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BTS Army confuses Moonchild as Namjoon’s 26th birthday trend


Namjoon DayKIM NAMJOON a.k.a. RM

Just moments before NamJoon’s 26th birthday celebration, a funny incident took place on Twitter. BTS Army mistakenly thought that #Moonchild was related to Namjoon and they all started wishing him happy birthday with using that hashtag, but in reality the tag was not for him.

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The hashtag #Moonchild was trending actually because of Indonesian singer Nicole Zefanya a.k.a. NIKI, who’s debut album of that name was released yesterday. And the confusion started because RM has a song named the same.

Several Army members later took pto Twitter, to address this huge funny mistake. Many of them just cleared it out straight but some tried to add more fun into this mess with their memes. Here are some of them.

After committing such silly mistake, Army members have now decided to apologize NIKI by listening to her new album. If you know BTS, then you must know how powerful they are when it comes to unity. NIKI’s debut album unknowingly got the promotion and support, which it never imagined.


Kim Nam-Joon better known as RM(Rap Monster) is the leader of the South Korean Boy Band ‘BTS’. On September 12 this year, RM is going to celebrate his 26th birthday. And to celebrate this special day, every year fans trend #NamjoonDay.

In South Korea and some other eastern countries, fans are already celebrating RM’s birthday. Hope the fans favourite Rapper, will come up some big surprise on his big day. We also wish him good health and lots of happiness for the upcoming years.



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