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Singer Monali Thakur comes in support of Sonu Nigam

Monali Thakur

Monali Thakur recently alleged that there is no nepotism in the music industry but “goondagardi”.


There has been a sparkling debate across the country, why nepotism is so much prevalent in all the industries, specially in the creative industries ? Since the demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput there has been an outrage and anger among the people. People are asking tough questions regarding working of the industry. Not only newcomers but the veterans are also speaking up against all the nepotism and biasness that a creative artist faces.

Recently Sonu Nigam alleged T-Series Chairman and Managing Director Bhushan Kumar for all the bad deeds and damaging the career of the singers. He also accused Bhushan of connection with the underworld. Earlier Sonu said, “Don’t be surprised if anyday a singer does what Sushant did today”. Since then people have come out in support of Sonu Nigam and started trending #UnsubscribeT-Series.

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Now singer Monali Thakur came out in public in support of Sonu Nigam and said, “There is no nepotism in the music industry but goondagardi”. In an interview with Bollywood Spy she said, ” “I was thankful to him because he is a senior and he has been in the industry for so long. He is a very big name and an iconic musician. He is over all these things… But it is so true that there is a lot of ‘mafiagiri’ in the music industry. Nobody gets their due. That is the reason why I do not like the atmosphere and ecosystem of the music industry. I don’t even try to get movie songs anymore. I alienated myself because I care for my mental health.”

Monali Thakur further went onto reveal that she has stopped pursuing singing for movies because she keeps her mental health first. She revealed how small musicians are crushed in this industry. Not only Monali Thakur but also Singers like Adnan Sami and Alisha Chinai talked about the nepotism and favouritism prevailing in the music industry.

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