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MIUI 12 Launched in China | Added Super Wallpaper, New Animations, Privacy Protection


Xiaomi has released the update version of MIUI, MIUI 12 in China. Latest MIUI has touched the important part of UI, Privacy Protection. New privacy protection has brought many options for the users. New animations are introduced, beautiful wallpapers are added. Lots of features are added, everything is discussed in this post.

MIUI 12 Super Wallpaper

Images of Mars and Earth planet have been added in Super Wallpaper. Users will get the option to set wallpaper as Lock Screen, Home Screen(First Screen After Unlock). Wallpaper can be applied to Always On Display as well.

It also shows information about the particular planet which has been set as lock screen wallpaper.

Dynamic Weather

Now, real time weather won’t be the still image with changing numbers(Temperature). Screen will adopt the weather of a location and show the real time weather animations. It will display lightning, rainfall, moving clouds, darker cloud as well as brighter cloud. Dynamic weather will actually pull your eyes to the screen. Xiaomi has used an awesome statement for Dynamic Weather feature, ” As if immersive, bring natural comfort. Close to nature, why only in front of the window. “

New Animations

MIUI 12 Design

Application Icon Delete Animation

MIUI 12 has introduced new kind of icon delete animation. When icon is removed from your phone, icon pops and then small circles of different colours spread to either sides and later on, icon next to it takes the position. Xiaomi call it brilliant bloom, transfer rhythm.

System Icon Animation

Whenever system icons(icons of notification panel) are touched, its simulates to the click and then shows animation. It is known as button simulation animation.

Sensory Visual Design

MIUI 12 has changed the look of system status. Every System Status feature has received the motion. While checking the system storage, connecting/disconnecting WLAN, checking screen on time, opening folders, deleting application icon, battery percentage while charging, different animations will be shown.

It means nothing is static. With the fast moving world, designs have also got the motion.

Privacy Protection

MIUI 12 Privacy Protection

MIUI 12 has introduced new privacy protection tools which is the need of time. About new privacy protection tool, Xiaomi has told ” Expose the sensitive behavior of all applications “. It means tool will give the complete information about the applications which is taking sensitive information or acting suspicious. Sensitive behavior of applications are recorded and presented to the users.

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It also alerts the user when sensitive system capabilities are used. Sound recording, camera recording, location tracing falls under sensitive system capability. Most of the apps demand GPS permission, even a sound recording app asks for GPS. While using file sharing apps, people get irritated when GPS permission is asked as they have to turn it off after the file sharing process.

MIUI 12 has made it simple now as they have provided Grant Permission Only When Necessary. It means no need to turn off permissions after closing the app as privacy tool will automatically revoke the permission. Use of cameras in background can be prohibited now.

Now, apps can be used without permission by giving them the blank data. It means original data won’t reach to the malicious app’s database, they will get a blank data or say no data. It also offers virtual identity which can be changed anytime by the user.

For this level of privacy protection, MIUI 12 has received appreciations by passing the tests. MIUI 12 has got certifications from bsi(ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, ISO/IEC 29151), DJCP, TRUSTe, TÜVRheinland.

You can do your work while chatting now. You get the option to drag a window/app to any side with second app running in full screen. This feature may solve many user's problem as most of the users ask their doubt in social media and after looking toward the solutions they have to switch to another app frequently. No need to worry about this issue when you are in MIUI 12.

Xiaomi Health

Smartphones with MIUI 12 have also received the power to track health status of user. Xiaomi Health automatically records the movement of whole day. As of now, walking, running, cycling, climbing stairs can be recorded automatically. It means users are not needed to open a specific app for record while doing these exercises.

It doesn’t stop to exercise recording, it records the sleep as well. For sleep records, phone is needed to be kept near the while pillow. At what time you slept, how long you slept and how deep was the sleep, everything will be recorded and displayed to you.

MIUI 12 supports thousands of applications to be used in Dark Mode.

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