NewsMinisters of Punjab to donate their 3 months salary to CM Relief...

Ministers of Punjab to donate their 3 months salary to CM Relief Fund

As the days are passing, financial condition of every state is becoming bad, Punjab is facing their worst in the form of a huge financial loss.

Punjab Government
Chief Minister Amarinder Singh

The northwest state of India, Punjab is currently in complete lockdown. The COVID-19 outbreak has hit the state badly both physically and financially. Currently the positive cases count in Punjab stands at 186 in which 27 were recovered and 13 died. After taking several safety measures, Punjab is somehow slowing down the spread. But the state is facing a huge financial loss now.

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ANI reported that Punjab is now facing some Rs. 22,000 crore revenue losses in the Financial Year 2020. The amount is huge, that’s why all the state ministers of Punjab has now decided to voluntarily donate their 3 months salary to CM COVID19 Relief Fund. Chief Secretary also appeals other government employees to take voluntary cuts in wages.

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It will be interesting to see how much benefit this step will provide to the government. As of now, the state’s fight against the virus is going strong. 8620 police personnel along with 6483 volunteers, are keeping an eye at several Mandis and Villages to monitor the follow-up of social distancing.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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