TechDoes Mid-range Smartphones' Update Affects the Performance after 1 Year ?

Does Mid-range Smartphones’ Update Affects the Performance after 1 Year ?

Mid-Range Smartphones Update Affects the Performance
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Many users complain about the lags they face after software update. And most of them complains about the degrade in camera quality. Smartphone brands had been alleged of degrading the performance of their older phones in past. Some smartphone brands had to pay a fine for this unethical move. But these fines still doesn’t set a great example as most of the brands are still engaged in this dirty play. As because the higher selling segment is the mid-range smartphones and budget-range smartphones so we took feedback from the users, using smartphone worth less than 20K in Indian Rupees.

Mid-range Smartphones’ User Complain

Users reported that they were receiving some improvements in initial updates. These updates were for 6 months after the launch. After getting some updates, they started receiving the updates with no improvements-degradation. Till that, it was nothing bad for the mid-range smartphone users. They noticed the performance degradation from their smartphone brand when respective brand launched a new product and loosen up the focus on older device. This specific complain was not just from few of the users rather it was reported by most of them.

Some users complained that their smartphone company pushed a update which degraded the camera quality. If you have faced this issue then mention it in comment box with the name of your smartphone.

Most of the user complained about the lags they were facing while doing simple works, which could be handled even by a new budget-range smartphones. Some complains were related to the battery drain. We have noticed that some smartphone brands continuously engage with the users via social media while teasing new devices but they don’t pay that much attention to the user’s issue. And some executives even block the user who continuously mention the issue in their posts. Blocking the user can’t help the smartphone company in keeping their image clean as victim user share their issue with their relatives,friends and prefer them not to buy a smartphone of specific brand.

So, smartphone brands should start working on fixing user’s issue instead of blocking them.

Users didn’t disclose the name of their smartphone so we have not mentioned the name of smartphone brands.

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