NewsMi Smart Mouse Listed in Bluetooth SIG, Supports Speech Recognition

Mi Smart Mouse Listed in Bluetooth SIG, Supports Speech Recognition

Mi Smart Mouse

Xiaomi to add a smart mouse in their portfolio. Latest mi mouse will have some amazing features as Bluetooth listing shows. In Bluetooth SIG, mouse has received the name of “Mi Smart Mouse” for model number XASB01ME. To connect the smart mouse with PC, Xiaomi will give a dongle, listed on Bluetooth SIG with model number AIMORE-01.

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Specifications of Mi Smart Mouse

Mi Smart Mouse Bluetooth Listing

As per Bluetooth listing, smart mouse will have Speech recognition, Translation, 4000DPI, Forth direction mouse wheel. Among these features, three features seems interesting.

Features itself declares the mouse “smart”. Speech recognition will be helping the users to work with their voice.

Translation feature may help the users to translate texts into other language. It could be an in-built feature of the mouse. When mouse will hover over any unknown language, it could get translated to some known language.

Bluetooth listing shows that smart mouse will have 4000 dpi. It could be beneficial to those who doesn’t like to move their arms. And users with high resolution will also get benefited as they won’t be needed to move their arms again and again to do some sort of work.

Mi Smart Mouse and Mi Smart Mouse Dongle Bluetooth Listing

Mi Smart Mouse listed with model number XASB01ME and Mi Smart Mouse’s Dongle listed with model number AIMORE-01. Both the device will have Bluetooth v5.0 support.

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