NewsMI A3 Update is Injurious to Users, Breaking Dual SIM Functionality

MI A3 Update is Injurious to Users, Breaking Dual SIM Functionality

MI A3 Update Making Dual SIM unfunctional

Xiaomi has a popular A series, powered by Android One. First device from A series was too popular and it was named MI A1. Later on, company brought the suceessor of MI A1. But the successor, MI A2 didn’t do well in India because 3.5 mm audio jack was missing on it. When MI A3 got launched, people kept complaining about the MI A3 update. Latest MI A3 update is making users to worry a lot as users are unable to use the dual SIM.

MI A3 Update Issue

At beginning, MI A3 users were not receiving new software updates. And when Xiaomi used to push the update, users complained about the bugs. Getting the mass bug reports, company had to roll back it’s update. Now, Xiaomi has pushed a a update with software version V11.0.3.0.QFQMXTC, to MI A3 users.

People are complaining about unnecessary apps that got installed on MI A3, after the update. According to users, ‘Claro Música’ and ‘Telecel’ apps are installed in their phones after the update. After the MI A3 update, users are seeing a ‘Telcel’ logo on bootup screen.

There is one more serious issue with the update. People complained, they are unable to use one SIM. And some users are unable to use both the SIM card.

Admin of Xiaomi forum, J C Paul has posted a short warning regarding the update, in Xiaomi forum :

Okay, bit of a public service announcement.
V11.0.3.0.QFQMXTC (not QFQMIXM) is rolling out to the Mi A3 global users via OTA, but, PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE!
There was a serious bug in the latest rom (V11.0.3), if you are on this build, you have only one working SIM (it does not recognise the other one whatsoever).
We will try to see if there is a fix, BUT…  once again…  DO NOT UPDATE (if you have not already)!

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