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MHRD’s Clarification on Removal of Important Chapters in CBSE

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MHRD has taken a bold step to decrease the syllabus of CBSE students, reading in Class 9, 10, 11 and 12, considering the CoVID-19 pandemic. One-third syllabus of CBSE students from Class IX to Class XII was reduced so that teachers and students can cooperatively complete their academics syllabus, with online classes.

After the spread of syllabi reduction, oppositions raised question on it. They accused government of removing important chapters from academics of CBSE’s Class IX-XII.

Clarification of MHRD on Removal of Important Chapters

MHRD came forward to clear the questions, targeted on government regarding the syllabus reduction of CBSE students. They issued their clarification with the following tweets :

There has been a lot of uninformed commentary on the exclusion of some topics from #CBSESyllabus. The problem with these comments is that they resort to sensationalism by connecting topics selectively to portray a false narrative.

As @cbseindia29 has clarified, schools have been advised to follow the #NCERT Alternate Academic Calendar, and all the topics mentioned have been covered under the same Academic Calendar. The exclusions are merely a 1-time measure for exams, due to the #COVID19 pandemic.

The only aim is to relax the stress on students by reducing the syllabus by 30%. This exercise has been carried out following the advice & recommendations of various experts and considering the suggestions received from educationists through our #SyllabusForStudents2020 campaign.

While it is easy to misconstrue exclusion of 3-4 topics like nationalism, local government, federalism, etc. and build a concocted narrative, a wider perusal of different subjects will show that this exclusion is happening across subjects.

To give a few examples, the topics excluded in #Economics are Measures of Dispersion, Balance of Payments Deficit, etc, topics excluded in #Physics are Heat Engine & Refrigerator, Heat Transfer, Convection & Radiation among others.

Similarly, some of the excluded topics in #Maths are Properties of Determinants, Consistency, Inconsistency, and Number of Solutions of System of Linear Equations by Examples and Binomial Probability Distribution.

In #Biology, portions of Mineral Nutrition, Digestion & Absorption have been excluded. It can be no one’s argument that these topics have also being excluded by malice or some grand design which only partisan minds can decipher.

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