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Inspired by ‘Iron Man’ Manipur boy creates replica of the Marvel Superhero out of electronic waste

Manipur– Inspired by Marvel Superhero ‘Iron Man’, a 20 year old from Manipur creates a replica of Iron Man out of electronic waste. The replica looks exactly same as the Marvel Hero. More astonishingly, the boy is not  trained in robotics but made the replica out of love for Iron Man.

Iron Man

The 20 year old Prem lives in Heirok Part-2 Village in Thoubal and has made this replica of electronic waste that he collected from radio and television set. The 20 year old Prem said to ANI, “I have always wanted to create robot since childhood days. But the craze for Iron Man started since 2015. One of the reasons of creating is I want to add this scientific effect in Manipuri films, as  most of the stories are romantic based.

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The boy has no proper means and resources but his dedication and passion let him make this unique replica which has surprised many. The boy has a history of creating robotic items. Inspired by Spiderman, he once created a mechanism of producing web from hand.

The armours are made of motors, while the body is made up of cardboard. The armours consists discarded scrap materials, emergency lamps, electronic toys, syringis, speakers and IV fluids.

The boy constraints financially, but his talent spoke for himself. No fancy devices and  no electronic items, just the wastes. The boy proved how much caliber and talent India has, but it’s not being used to its full potential.

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