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‘Main Garib Hun’ viral video boy real name revealed

Main Garib Hun

Sawan a young boy from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand has turned out to be a new National Garib Boy. Since past few days GaribBoi is trending across all social media platforms because of his short comedy video ‘Main Garib Hun’

His words, “Main Gareeb Hun (I’m poor, mere) mummy papa mujhe gareeb janam diye (I was born poor), mujhe mummy papa ke barkar koi cheez nhi hai (For me no one is bigger than parents), Main Gareeb hi thik hu (I’m ok in living a poor life)” has echoed many ears. Some are taking it as a joke, while others are totally opposing these kind of content. Not only the words but also the expression in his face has impressed as well as depressed many viewers.

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Nonetheless, you can’t ignore this young lad, he has been uploading videos on his Instagram page since many years, but particularly this video went viral and people started recognising him.

One of India’s Biggest YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani acknowledged and mimicked young Sawan in his video. Since then many people are uploading their own versions of ‘Main Garib Hun’ videos.

However behind the trappings of the character ‘GaribBoi’, young Sawan has very high aspirations and dreams that he wants to fulfill for his parents. In an interview with Sampan Vlogs, Garib Boi said, “It’s completely unbelievable and a new experience for me. I had never thought that I would go viral and people would like my videos”,

While his mother said, “It feels great, at this age he is working. He talks about buying us new clothes, house. I’m very happy for my son”.

Reacting to Ashish Chanchlani he said, “I could never imagine, such a big YouTuber like Ashish Chanchlani would mimick me in his video, I’m grateful”.

People have their own opanion about GaribBoi, but you can’t deny the fact, for his uniqueness he has been able to gain the attention of the people, good or bad !!


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