NewsInternationalMahatma Gandhi statue desecrated by protesters in Washington DC

Mahatma Gandhi statue desecrated by protesters in Washington DC

To raise voice against Racism in United States, the protesters desecrated Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside Indian Embassy in Washington DC.

Mahatma Gandhi

According to ANI Sources, the statue was vandelised by certain unruly elements involved in the protests following the death of George Floyd on May 25. The protest has spread across United States and is turning violent with each passing day. The United States Park Police has put the matter into investigation.

The locals told ANI, the statue was covered up and an investigation has been launched by Local Park Police in charge of protection of monuments. The goons desecrated the statue with spray paint. The silent protest for George Floyd now has turned into a violent protest. From normal citizens to big celebreties all are coming together and speaking against Trump’s administration and racism against Black in US.

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Curfews were imposed on June 1 across many cities after looting and violence errupted in the protests. The protest took over by storm as now it has become an international issue. The four former Minneapolis Police Officer involved in George Floyd death have been charged. Tech giants like Google, YouTube, Twitter and many more have raised their voice against George Floyd’s death. Former US President Barack Obama appealed to mayors across the country to review and change their law enforcement’s use of force policies.

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